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  1. EdgesOnCircles

    More than one sign in a house

    My apologies if there have been numerous posts on this topic in the past so "link me up" if that's the case :biggrin: Say you are reading a natal chart and the cusp of the first house is in Sagittarius (24 degrees) so that Capricorn spans the remainder of the 1st house and Aquarius makes up the...
  2. EdgesOnCircles

    The Cube Test

    I'm sure some of you have taken this before and already know what it all means...but if you haven't it's rather interesting. Post your answers and list your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs (at least). The attachment is a text file with the "answers" so don't click on it yet! :rightful: The Cube...
  3. EdgesOnCircles

    Career Path

    Of course I would not make a final decision on an astrology chart, but I am interested to see what others think of my chart and possible career options. I feel as if I have far too many interests and I'm practically bouncing off the walls :w00t: (that's probably not a good thing actually ah ha)...
  4. EdgesOnCircles

    Your "Destiny" & the North Node

    I recently read about the importance of the North and South nodes in a natal chart and I was just wondering if it holds true for anyone reading this. It is my understanding that throughout life, we try to move away and mature from our South Node and take on the characteristics of our North...