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    Peace Pact: Reconciliation and consolidation with anyone in AW

    For anyone who want to keep AW as a peaceful place. Feel free to discuss some agreements for reconciliate and consolidate with other member(s).
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    Ukpoohbear thread appreciation!

    Let's talk about anything about her great contribution to our forum!
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    The power of the fixed stars

    Hello everyone, As far as I know the astronomers and scientist alike never meassuring the gravitational pull frequencies of fixed stars in relative to our solar system. The fact is many of those so-called "fixed stars" are even bigger than our (approximately) - at least 1.700.000 bigger the...
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    Attention: English Class for Non-English Speakers

    Hello and welcome everyone!
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    david starling thread appreciation!

    Everything about "legendary figure" of AW!
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    Denver Nuggets vs San Antonio Spurs game 7 @ Pepsi Centre

    Hold up for sec! The timimg of the map is incorrect. To be continued.
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    What is HERMETICISM? Is it a religion?

    According to this website : "Hermeticism is an ancient spiritual, philosophical, and magical tradition. It is a path of spiritual growth. Hermeticism takes its name from the God Hermês Trismegistos (Greek, "Thrice-Greatest Hermes"), a...
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    Kurt Cobain's birth chart analysis

    Since I'm not just focusing on the title of this thread, all of this astrological divisions comment about Kurt's birth map are welcomed. All the quote came from this The Predominator is Moon on this birth map because it was night...
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    About Profection

    Hello Trad There are few questions about basic profection: Can the ascendant and/or lord of the year still be valid if the nativity is in a different location from the location of their daily life? What if in the current profection lord of the year sign/house contained 2 or many planets in...
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    Venus at the equator

    Hey folks, I just see how bright star venus here in equator. I'm awakened by Adzan Subuh prayer. :biggrin: [Moved posts 1-8 in this thread from an astrological thread and gave it a new title. - Moderator]
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    NBA fans only [No Betting!!!]

    All Let's discuss about NBA in this thread whether it is the match, free agency, highlight reel, bloopers, gossip, etc. Everything about "Where Amazing Happen", so NBA fans around the world welcome home! Welcoming Rudy [Moved thread to Chat from Sports Astrology, because this is not an...
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    Criminally underrated footage

    Shout out to J.W Astronomy for uploading this video on YouTube. I suspect the author might be an astrologer based on it's conversations in the comment section. :biggrin: Feel free to give some thought, Ladies and Gentlement R
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    Trump chart sidereal analysis

    Without Lot and degree setting according to Vettius Valens: Leo ascendant, ruler Sun [Father] at X Taurus [Property/Financial gains] AND supported by detriment Virgo Jupiter at II [but rather powerful retrograde]. It's all from angular house. Jupiter might be retrograde BUT it's planet ruler...
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    Debilitated Saturn for Aries Lagna

    Namastay Excuse me, could anyone told me how to handle debilitated Aquarius Saturn in the 11th house for Aries Lagna, please? Best wishes R
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    Is this a time to move in new place?

    The owner of my current place to stay asking me to raise the usual pay rent WITHOUT any facility upgrade on her place? So I need to move. Is this a good time?
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    Let's expose John Wayne Gacy's natal chart for learning

    Hello Folks I'm going to upload 2 of John Wayne Gacy's natal chart with whole house system and then 2 of his natal chart with Alcabitius. Then we could expose why he had sadistic personality. The purpose is for educational and we could limiting the probable of his personality in our real social...
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    Why Tsunami happened in Indonesia? Last night

    Friend of mine informing me tsunami happened last night because the eruption of mount Krakatau. Any spesific explanation from astrology about this?
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    Will I meet her again and begin serious relationship with her?

    Hello Astrologers Shout out to the veterans in this AW forum for their leadership guiding me to understand horary chart. I got history with this person long time ago but she blocked me suddenly and I don't know why. Then I had a chance to contact with her a few months ago. Firstly she respond...
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    Alien and Astrology

    Hello Astrologers, as the technology become more advance, we can't denying a "potential" civilization out there in universe. So, do you guys any thought on how astrology could explain this phenomena? Or it could be major positive believe changes in humanity about astrology (in reverse)?
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    Will I get a girlfriend by 2019?

    Hello Astrologers! As you guys know, I really had terrible disease about relationship and come up with this idea as I started to improving my horary skills too. I'm still a rookie and I don't really understand how to interpret the house in horary. So could you all help me to interpret the house...