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    For the Grumpy Soul

    Happy Chinese New Year! Try another Cookie Now!
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    Cosmic Law, Human Origins, Astrology

    This is a truly extraordinary fascinating documentary little longer than 3.5 hrs. Time well spent. The last 1 hr has the extensive building up of information of the essence of Astrology/Astronomy from mainly Egyptians, also some examples of Chinese, Vedic, and Mayan. The mysteries of Golden...
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    Repeat Right Arm Surgery

    Thank you for reading this thread. I would like to ask a few questions about Electional chart for surgery. I don't have much choice of when to have surgery, I chose the month as that is convenient for myself to recover in at least 6 weeks off work. I was offered as 15th April 2014 it will be...
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    Easy Reading to learn about Essential Dignity Table

    For those would like to learn about Essential Dignity Table but found the dry bread to hard to chew. Here I randomly found an easy reading article by J. Lee Lehman. She has briefly mentioned fairly what to do with Outer planets in Horary when it is traditionally based on the Essential Dignity...
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    How to face read people

    I found some articles on Face reading in English for those maybe interested to use it to reverse engineering to rectify and to confirm rectification. The good thing I love about Face Reading as everything written all over your face which unless you had plastic surgery unable to adjust or hide...
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    Should I meet this old friend?

    I had an old high school friend found me on LinkedIn few months ago. She is traveling in Australia, several times, she tried to make contact with me wanting to meet me before she returning back to Hong Kong. So again last night she sent me messages wanting to meet me next month. Since it has...
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    101 of transits for Bad Haircut...

    Yep, am presenting myself as a lab rat :andy:. I finished night shift on 26th morning, really annoyed for few days of my hair being too long, too hot for summer and lost it nice curves, I decided to have a haircut before going to bed. I made the phone call to attempt to book my regular...
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    Most kissed Smile of Death

    I came across these yesterday randomly on Facebook then I did further research to confirm. During my training years and when I have annual CPR refreshment I always find CPR Annie a bit creepy with her facial expression/mouth as a mannequin and she is indeed actually got a mysterious background...
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    The Babylonian Zodiac-Star-Lore by Gravin White

    Accidentally found this new series of Babylonian Star-Lore on Skyscript. Worth reading, you may want to get a copy of the book. Enjoy reading.
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    12th harmonic

    Hi all, I would love to hear and learn from those use 12th harmonic chart. Another thread reminded me the use of harmonic charts. I don't normally have much luck on starting a thread and usually lack of responses so see if anyone will share their knowledge in this thread :( My own 12th...
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    Your natal morning star

    I was reading Primary Directions: Astrology's Old Master Technique as my natal Mars being the first to rise after birth is being mentioned again from another thread that reminded me to invest this Mars again. I wonder if members have done much study on this part of their chart and what had you...
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    The final end of Analog TV signals in Australia

    Just saw the news, today is the final end of the final last three regions in Australia had Analog TV signals offline permanently. According to Channel 9 news, it was physically turned off by the retired engineer Peter Cox who once managed the analog machine, at exact 9am 3rd December 2013...
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    Face Reading Site in English

    For whoever would like to self taught about Face Reading this site is written in English based on both Eastern and Western methods.
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    Why I love cats so much!!!

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    Good Read: The Progressed Moon in Declination by Karen Christino

    A nine pages PDF article from Geocosmic magazine, Spring 1998 edition. Focusing on the Up and Down cycle of the Progressed Moon when it is very Out of Bounds and low in declination.
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    Out of Bounds Venus in Horary

    I am wondering the condition of the current Out of Bounds Venus in the Horary question we asked in the recent time. At the moment, Venus is 26 degrees 46 mins 57 secs declination in Capricorn. I asked a question about future Home. And Moon just entered Taurus, so I looked into Venus and since...
  17. poyi

    The Absolute Liberation from 6th/12th houses

    I was lying in bed, checking my Facebook, one of my nursing friends shared this link. I was most lifted by the emotion this video had brought me. I cried at the moment this man cried. I can see how people struggled with the real life 6th/12th house issues everyday at work, in this video seeing...
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    Final Emancipation: Vipareetha Raja Yoga

    Hi all Vedic astrologers, I was actually doing research to understand my 6th house regarding to my current health but then realized in the Vedic sidereal chart, my 3 degrees 14 Capricorn Moon in the 6th house is the ruler of the 12th Cancer cusp. And found the following cook book description. I...
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    Assistance Needed: Composite Aspects Interpretation

    I know we should always look at the whole chart. I started this thread mainly to ask for some assistance on interpreting that Venus Neptune conjunction at DC, with the midpoint as DC. Venus is at 19 degrees 18'12" Sagittarius, and Neptune is at 23 degrees 58' 56" Sagittarius. DC is at 22...
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    The Three Books of Occult Philosophy

    Not that I can eat dry hard bread medieval English....but still a good PDF to share for those interested.