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  1. sibylline

    On the Earth (Signs)

    A thread about the element of Earth in the natal chart. Strengths, weaknesses. Love, hate. Discuss. :)
  2. sibylline

    Uranus is a malefic

    Uranus is the most malefic of those three, on par with Saturn. Astrologers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries certainly considered Uranus malefic but all of this was forgotten somewhere down the line when Uranus became firmly associated with Aquarius, it seems. Neptune can get better...
  3. sibylline

    Careers by the Natal Chart (An Educational Analysis Game)

    Ever wonder how career choice is connected to influences in the natal chart? Like learning or games? Then this thread is for you. Here we'll make educated guesses on careers based on the natal chart. Winners Wall: david starling (7) AppLeo (6) conspiracy theorist (6) detectahead (6)...
  4. sibylline

    Careers for the Sagittarius-Influenced

    Jack of all trades, master of...? A thread to discuss career paths of those with major Sagittarius placements. Post charts, ask questions, and add any plans or ideas you may have.
  5. sibylline

    How Accurate are Composite Charts, Really?

    For years I've used composite charts to understand the relationship that is created when two people come together (romantic or platonic). Or should I say, I've tried to used them, because I've gotten mixed results at best. I'm willing to consider that I'm missing something about the composite or...
  6. sibylline

    Lurker emerges from the shadows

    Hi, everyone! I have studied astrology for close to a decade now, on and off. Lately I have found myself lurking here so I thought I'd join and add to the discussion since natal astrology is one of my favorite topics. As far as my astrological makeup, I am Leo Rising, Pisces Sun/Venus in 8th...