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  1. leslie1979

    George Carlin was a Taurus

    Heeeheeheee....2. Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery? ahahaahaaahaa! My boyfriend made me watch a Carlin marathon a couple of night ago. My abs still hurt.
  2. leslie1979

    Have you ever experienced uranus trine mars and/or uranus trine venus?

    Hi daisy! I have experiences with these transits...but I think it greatly depends on what signs they are in? And houses too. I have natal mars in cancer...not the best position...and its in my 6th house. Usually when uranus hits this spot for me I like to change my exercise routine up a...
  3. leslie1979

    Experiences with 12th house Moon in Solar Return, ...anyone?

    Hi:) If anyone could share their experiences with the Solar Return Moon in the 12th house? I would greatly appreciate it. OR!!! If anyone has experiences a Capricorn Moon as well. This year I have a 12th house Capricorn Moon and it is racking my brain!. The moon this year will be...
  4. leslie1979

    issues with Liz Greene

    HI, Just from my personal experience, (my brother's and myself) Our mother was the mother's mother. She was the ultimate, comforting, giving, sensitive, strong, loving mother anyone could ask for. Pure, unconditional love. For which I am incredibly thankful for. Our father, on the...
  5. leslie1979

    Magi Astrology

    Hello everyone, If anyone here is knowledgeable in the art of Magi astrology, I would hugely appreciate a tiny bit of info. I am very intrigued by the Magi theory....I have read a bit about it, but I do not own the introductory book. I have been searching in bookstores for it....used...
  6. leslie1979

    issues with Liz Greene

    Hello all:) I've read some Liz Greene myself and I just laughed my *** off when it came to her views in the chart's of women & men who have predominant venus/uranus aspects (square/opposition) = homosexuality, androgenous characteristics (spelling*?), etc. Beacause myself and my two...
  7. leslie1979

    I guess I'll never get married now......

    :) hi, WHO I S BOB?
  8. leslie1979

    ...a quick question about orbs!

    :) thanks lilly too!!!
  9. leslie1979

    ...a quick question about orbs!

    Thank you starlink.....I am grateful for the imput. Ick! I am not a fan of saturn at all.....I am on pins and needles waiting for all of my saturns transits to pass.....Natally I do not have many saturn aspects. Of the three I have, two are is not so great. I am not a "trooper"...
  10. leslie1979

    Highly sexual

    :eek: YIKES!!! My boyfriend's Pluto squares my Mars!!! His Pluto squares his mars natally. Hmmmmm my poor guy. Mars in Cancer in his 6th (fall)...Pluto in his 8th in Libra. *SIGH* My mars is in cancer as well (my mars conjunct his mars).....................SORRY! I APOLOGIZE...I GOT WAY OFF...
  11. leslie1979

    Loss of Superb Pet

    Dear Universal, I am so sorry for your loss. I have 2 cats myself and I am typing through tears because I can clearly imagine the pain of losing them. I did lose my first cat 1 1/2 year ago, he was my first cat, an 18th birthday present. He was a beautiful orange/champagne lion who...
  12. leslie1979

    ...a quick question about orbs!

    Hi everyone:) , To those who have a strong grasp on the progressed chart technique: Is it correct to assume that if the progressed sun is 2 DEGREES separating from progressed Saturn, then the aspect is no longer active? Thank you for your time, Leslie
  13. leslie1979


    Hello everyone. Does anyone here use diurnals? I have been looking at mind for quite a while....but I don't really find them helpful. When I apply the traditional rules to them...they never seem to match? Any ideas? Any links? Thanks for your time guys, Leslie
  14. leslie1979

    Yes yes yes! (Saturn Conjunct Ascendant)

  15. leslie1979

    Any experience with Lunar returns???

    I basically obssess over my lunar returns. At my place of previous employment, people could easily bet and win on me reading my charts on my lunch hour. I am a nerd. I find that the events that they can portend are mild...not like a solar returns which indicate more major happenings. Sorry...
  16. leslie1979

    Merc Retro!!!

    I have been job searching for the past month -- BIG MISTAKE. I have submitted atleast 30 resumes to various companies and I have had 3 interviews. Only one was sucessful, but not enough pay. I turned it down, and now I feel like I made a mistake. This was last week. I have never had such a...
  17. leslie1979

    second marriage and 9th house

    :o thanks for sharing....its nice to know that I'm not alone. But its slightly depressing knowing that others can experience the same ****.
  18. leslie1979

    Steve Irwin

    I just have to add that I know it seems ridiculous to assume that anyone with heart problems will have some planet or point at 15 degrees Leo....I was just watching TV and saw Steve Irwin and it made me quickly go to google and search his natal chart. Because when I saw triggered my...
  19. leslie1979

    Steve Irwin

    Hello:) This is just a quick post...there is probably a thread already started on this,,,,but I am not on my PC. Forgive me if this is redundant...or not with much astrological weight, but it just popped into my head. AND! I have to do some more research on this topic, but maybe others...
  20. leslie1979

    Aquarius Rising

    Aquarius Rising Here:) The solar eclipse in Febuary 08 was at 17.44 degrees of Aquarius in my FIRST house. My natal uranus is at 17.05 of scorpio. So it squared that as well as oppossed my natal venus at 18.40 degrees Leo in the 7th. An icky t-square..but nothing has happened really...