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  1. Sujit

    Please tell me if I will ever find true love?Good friends?

    A rough estimate shows the native born around March 19, 2005 probably at night. :)
  2. Sujit

    When I will get good job?

    Current maha dasha lord Saturn is unfavorable causes delay and obstacles affects job and continuity. so, patience would be required. On the whole profession should be good as Mars occupies 2nd house is favorable for growth and status in job.
  3. Sujit

    When I will get good job?

    Rising ascendant sign - Cancer. Maha dasha of Saturn and sub period of Venus. 1. During February/ March 24 there are chances for job opportunity. 2. Yes. Predicting when is difficult. Share feedback with me. All the best.
  4. Sujit

    Spiritual Quest

    Hello, Are you married.
  5. Sujit

    When I will get good job?

    Could you share the date you moved abroad and education.
  6. Sujit

    Need urgent advice on life and career

    current sub period is ruled by Rahu so there could be some difficulties and is negatively impacting 11th house occupied by Venus and Sun and has weak dispositor moon placed in enemy sign. further the chart is borderline placed between two signs. All the best.
  7. Sujit

    Need Advice on Career Aspirations

    Chart detail - ascendant sign - Scorpio. Current ruling lord is Rahu so there will be some confusion and current forecast are not favorable. In the chart Jupiter and Venus are in mutual aspects took you to pre-med and this is also good to work in food industry, luxury, entertainment, flights...
  8. Sujit

    Please advice

    Hello samv, Business on paper is in your name but the actual work is done by wife, so her chart needs to be studied for success. Good luck with your initiatives... Sujit.
  9. Sujit

    Need urgent advice on life and career

    You mentioned about Sade-sati, do you understand this concept.
  10. Sujit

    Need guidance on Daughter's Education

    Chart detail - Virgo ascendant, current maha dasa of Rahu and sub dasha of Saturn On the whole the chart looks good to become a doctor and would settle in faraway place. Current influences in the chart are unfavorable for self, mental peace, parents and improvement would come from July 24...
  11. Sujit

    what features does ketu have in libra in 1 house?

    Your natal Ketu is not making any impact so there will be no adverse effects of Ketu.
  12. Sujit

    Vipreet Raj Yog & Neech Bhang Raj Yog in Same Kundali

    If you can google you can get some information. In my practice I don't consider those concepts.
  13. Sujit

    Troubles in marriage life - Please help

    1. I do not agree with the views of your astrologer. You are a victim of poor matching. It is a coincidence both are in having same nakshatra BUT different ascendants, you - Aquarius and she is Gemini. 2. Due to time constraints, I had a look at your chart - Aquarius ascendant And the difficulty...
  14. Sujit

    Troubles in marriage life - Please help

    Hello, Could you share date of marriage and what are the insights of your family astrologer and were the charts matched before marriage. -Sujit.
  15. Sujit

    Suffering in current job, when can I get success

    Parme, What is your line of work.
  16. Sujit

    When will I get a new job?

    Chart details - Pisces lagna. Maha dasha of Ketu Beginning with Jan 24 onwards there will be chances of job. there can be some travel, change of place. Share feedback with us.
  17. Sujit

    When will I get a new job?

    what is your line of work, education.
  18. Sujit

    When will I get a new job?

    Could you share the date you were unemployed. Did you quit or laid off.
  19. Sujit

    Coincidence or Destiny? Jupiter and Bhagavat Gita

    In my astro view there are benefic and malefic planets in everyone's chart.