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  1. Akiva

    mars in virgo - 2011 - 2012

    I'm excited :D could mean big things when it conjucts my natal mars which is on the same degree as my natal Venus ( starting in march I believe) could mean some hot and spicy things :P but my natal Venus is in its opposite ruling house, not really sure how to factor that in Regardless...
  2. Akiva

    New Arian

    Much like everything I do in life -_- calmly climbing my way up.
  3. Akiva

    the Wtf. thread + discuss impressions

    It has recently come to my attention that I have no fear just love of animals, prefer cats over dogs though
  4. Akiva

    New Arian

    Ha most of the time I don't know what to say in a topic :O most takes a decent amount of studying. I'm takin the slow and steady approach
  5. Akiva

    QUINTILES REVEALED: Learn how your Quintiles can positively affect personal image

    my moon-mercury biquintile At 1 degree gives me a particular interest or aptitude to mythology and legend. I also find the struggles of different cultures interesting. I could interpret that as quirky because I do tend to talk about silly things like mythology or dragons what have you and...
  6. Akiva

    Hi! to all

    Hello Bryant, glad you found your way here, I'm new myself :P lots of information to be had here so needless to say of you're interested in learning this is a good resource for discussion.
  7. Akiva

    New Arian

    Hello! I'm new too :3
  8. Akiva

    I Hope I Can Come Up With A Really Eye-Catching Title

    Welcome! You might not be a Leo but Ron Paul is.
  9. Akiva

    Moving past sun opposed saturn

    Hey thanks for your input waybread Glad to hear more positive about this... I for the most part have frequent goals I set for myself how I want to appear and what I want to accomplish but when it gets down to it and become time to prove myself its almost like I sabotage it (especially if it has...
  10. Akiva

    Who else has been crying alot?!?

    Lol all do is win!!!! On tha daily.
  11. Akiva

    Who else has been crying alot?!?

    Well yes you're an aqua, of course you're uniquely equipped to understand us
  12. Akiva

    Moving past sun opposed saturn

    Update: part of fortune added but not really sure what it means:P Tried to do as attachment but doesn't seem to be a way around it on a phone.
  13. Akiva

    Who else has been crying alot?!?

    :3 understanding people is easy :D but having them understand me.... That's an entirely different story
  14. Akiva

    Planets in late degrees - will I be famous?

    Well not really but I like how neat and compact your chart looks :D
  15. Akiva

    Who else has been crying alot?!?

    Actually yes! Ever since the first I've been very emotional and like you said especially from the arts and media, craving some kind of emotion from that area of life which would usually never affect me in such a way. Not really an emotional person on most accounts so it does feel peculiar but I...
  16. Akiva

    Moving past sun opposed saturn

    Hello friends :) When I first became interested in my natal chart one of the first things that other said to me was that I had a difficult sun and Saturn aspect. I loolked into it and found the information to be accurate but not really encouraging to say the least, best of all it provides the...
  17. Akiva

    Where to start?

    I love her. Lada too with her sexy European accent :P
  18. Akiva

    Relationship Problems

  19. Akiva

    Relationship Problems

    No at all! You can start by being honest with the fact that there are things you do that attract needy and suffocating people. But if you been to counseling and hypnosis I'm sure they told you this too...
  20. Akiva

    Introverted Leo.. Am I doomed?

    Well regardless of my infantile chart reading skills you have lots of strengths in my opinion ( as does everyone ) it usually takes something drastic to have a paradigm shift from having a negative attitude to embracing the challenges the universe has presented to you and become a positive...