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  1. Ten27

    Astrologer seeking fresh pair of eyes

    Hey I've been studying my own chart for about 5 years pretty seriously and would love to hear some in depth understanding of it as a whole, or whatever you feel like contributing. I've never had anyone else read my chart to be honest, I'm kind of excited ! :bandit: The chart shown doesn't make...
  2. Ten27

    Most sensitive, most emotional, most self-destructive Sun and Moon Pairing...

    Water sun, Water moon is DEFINITELY NOT the most destructive influence. If anything its a harmonious influence, sure prone to the tendency of extreme emotions. At the very least you have cancer moon(quiet possibly the best place for the moon to be to use such intense emotions as a constructive...
  3. Ten27

    How do you determine your most powerful planet?

    I've always seen the "strongest" planet as the one with most influence. In my understanding the first house is the window that all energy must pass through to enter the chart and make its influences. With that said I believe if you have planets in the first house, you should look to those as...
  4. Ten27

    Astrology a life changing

    Astrology isn't an absolute, for awhile I mistakenly was under that impression when I first started to study 5 years ago. It would start to rule my life in some ways, I would make decisions based on my interpretation of my chart. Slowly I began to sway away from using my gut instinct to propel...
  5. Ten27

    Lots of fixed qualities

    I'd love to hear a deeper analysis of my chart, it'd be much appreciated :love: