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  1. skywatcher1221

    Who will win Massacheussets Senate seat?

    I came in late but here is a link to an article in my blog which deals with the Mass. election. There is a copy of the Massachusetts statehood chart which is instructive.
  2. skywatcher1221

    It's eclipse time again! 29 Cancer

    The eclipse of 1990 conjoined Jupiter in my 7th House. Relationships were a major issue from 1990-1991, all of which involved the proverbial "blasts from the past." (Jupiter rules my 12th House.)
  3. skywatcher1221

    Transits to the US natal Moon

    Superb analysis, Aquarius. Obama's Venus is also involved (it conjoins the U.S. Venus, which probably accounts for his enormous popularity).
  4. skywatcher1221

    Keywords for the New Planets

    Eris seems to be worth watching (but I suspect they all are). Venus conjoined Eris during the earthquake in Honduras, both conjunct the Ascendant. Eris was at the Midheaven when the American Revolution broke out.
  5. skywatcher1221

    Adolf Hitler -- Aries or Taurus sun?

    Hitler's Moon was in Capricorn. It's been so long since I've looked at Saddam's and Jim Jones' charts that I don't remember their Moon signs. But if memory serves Jim Jones and Marshal Applewhite (?), the leader of a suicide cult (they all took poison in order to rendezvous with a UFO allegedly...
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    Adolf Hitler -- Aries or Taurus sun?

    Good point. I'm paraphrasing but Hitler himself once declared that he was a hero on land but a coward at sea. His fear of the Royal Navy prevented a land invasion of the British Isles.
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    I am confident I discovered America's True Natal Chart

    Yes, but the time would have placed the signing in the middle of the night, not likely. The Sagittarius rising chart has Pluto in the Second House, Pluto ruling plutocrats. The country's wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, leaving the rest of us to dine on crumbs from the rich...
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    I am confident I discovered America's True Natal Chart

    But does the military represent the whole country? For the armed forces, I propose the chart for the start of the American Revolution (sunrise, April 19, 1775, Lexington, Massachusetts). This is the first armed conflict by Americans fighting as Americans (who previously considered themselves...
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    Pluto transits and death

    I don't know if this is reassuring but I've experienced Pluto transiting my MC. It did not result in anyone's death; in fact, the experience was positive. With the first transit (it went retrograde, then direct), I became an astrology columnist for a local weekly. On the next transit, I was...
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    Am I a nuisense to you guys?

    Here is another vote of confidence, Pisces. :) I always enjoy your posts.
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    How did you get on with Mother/moon?

    MOON IN VIRGO OR IN THE SIXTH HOUSE The mother was a practical, diligent, and hardworking person, and may have been obsessed with neatness in the home and at work. The Moon in Virgo person probably saw his or her mother as a bit of a nag, who insisted on cleanliness. Perhaps he or she fell into...
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    Adolf Hitler -- Aries or Taurus sun?

    Re: Tropical zodiac, to Fedor That Venus-Mars-Vesta conjunction also squared Saturn in Leo in Hitler's 10th House, the so-called Napoleonic position indicating a "rise to the top followed by a fall." He had real problems with his father. Hitler also had a Moon-Jupiter conjunction in...
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    Adolf Hitler -- Aries or Taurus sun?

    The personal charm can be attributed to his Libra Ascendant, I think, which can also account for his early aspirations to be an artist. He had Mercury in Aries, accounting for his fiery speeches. But as a Taurus with Fixed squares, he was inflexible, which served him well in his early career...
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    Comet Lulin Appearing this week only

    I grant your point but "perigee" is the term used on, which is the site I've been using to track the comet's progress.
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    Comet Lulin Appearing this week only

    February 24, today or the pre-dawn hours, depending on time zone. It was 2 degrees from Saturn at the time.
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    Comet Lulin Appearing this week only

    The day before Comet Lulin's perigee -- within orb of a conjunction to Saturn -- the stock market hit its lowest point since 1997. Locally (in New England, USA) an elderly Boston woman was killed in a freak escalator accident and a man was killed in a house explosion in Manchester, New...
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    Jesus' Birth Chart

    Actually, December 25 was the birthday of the god Mithras. It was chosen BECAUSE it coincided with a pagan festival, a familiar tactic of the early Church. The date also coincided with the Roman Saturnalia, celebrating the Winter Solstice.
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    I am confident I discovered America's True Natal Chart

    Charts are calculated on Local Mean Time (or True Local Time) which differs from Standard time. Back in the day when we calculated charts by hand, we were taught to convert the birth time to the "real" time in the locality. Nowadays we have computers to do all the heavy lifting but the...
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    Pluto Direct!

    I have no direct experience with Pluto turning direct but when two other outer planets -- Saturn and Uranus -- turned direct in my progressed 4th House, both my parents died within three months of each other.
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    Drawing people with certain placements/aspects into your life?

    Three of the four women I've lived with (including one I married) have had the Moon in Gemini, like me. The other had the Moon in Aries (I married her, too). The Moon rules my 7th House.