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  1. NeoWarrior83

    Sun's position in the horoscope

    I completely identify with it man. I have in my Sun in Libra in that house and I always feel the need to be alone even when I like being around people and share time with them. I have it in square aspects to the Moon and Neptune.:annoyed:
  2. NeoWarrior83

    Pros and cons of having Mercury in 12th house

    I'm a clinical social worker but I love to write poems, stories, essays and share them with my friends. Now that you talk about Gauquelin sectors I have my Moon in Cancer in the 9th house and the Sun in Libra in the 12th house along with Mercury;).
  3. NeoWarrior83

    Pros and cons of having Mercury in 12th house

    Because of having my Mercury in the 12th house in the sign of Virgo I know some of their pros and cons and I want to share them with you. Please fell free to mention other pros and cons you have experienced yourselves. Pros and cons of having Mercury in 12th house Pros -Lots of creativity...
  4. NeoWarrior83

    Clues about money making talents in my natal chart

    As I told you guys before I'm a clinical social worker who made his Masters degree in that profession in May 2011 and to this day I'm still jobless. I sent dozens of resumes since that time frame and all I got was two interviews for a job. Are there any other talents that are present or latent...
  5. NeoWarrior83

    Planets as school teachers?

    I agree 100% with your words Carris.:cool: In my personal case the biggest lessons I'm learning in my life was from my Saturn and Pluto in first house and Sun and Mercury in the 12th. What I'm learning from them is about being true to myself, doing things for the benefict of society, being...
  6. NeoWarrior83

    What planet do you have the most heavily aspected in your natal chart?

    What planet do you have the most heavily aspected in your natal chart? In my case is Neptune with it squared in Mercury, opposite Moon, trine Venus, sextile Saturn and sextile Pluto. I'm a more Neptunian kind of Libra.:biggrin:
  7. NeoWarrior83

    The Twelfth House

    When I begin studying astrology I thought the worst about having Mercury and the Sun in the 12th house because almost all the literature about it give it a bad rap. Now after reading and posting in these boards I come to the conclussion that the 12th house is a very positive one because it tell...
  8. NeoWarrior83

    Do you believe in God?

    God for me is an energy entity that trascends all the limits of our imagination. It cannot be expressed with concrete words/explanations, it can only be felt by our spirit. That's my two cents.;)
  9. NeoWarrior83

    Pluto and Saturn in first house

    I used to think about people like that in the past. Now I understand that people are a world in themselves and they act accordingly their own life understanding. I can relate heavily to your enigmatic ways.:wink: Me too man.:( That's a very effective tip. I've found that when I act in a...
  10. NeoWarrior83

    When discovering career/job don't look towards the 6th house!

    I read before somewhere that the career/job you are going to do in your lifetime can be found too in the 12th house, the one of the unknown, the occult/secrets and the unconsciousness. I have my natal Libra Sun in that house and I love working with the underprivileged people. I'm a Clinical...
  11. NeoWarrior83

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    What about people who have Pluto in Libra rising?
  12. NeoWarrior83

    How to **** Off Any Sign

    Cancer: Tell them their mom look like cookie dough. Scorpio: Insult their pride. Gemini: Ignore them. Leo: Tell them you have seen people better than them. Virgo: Be dissorganized and dirty. Libra: Be vulgar. Capricorn: Interrupt them constantly when they are working on something...
  13. NeoWarrior83

    Have A Conversation As A Stereotypical Zodiac Sign Person

    Libra: "I found these two buttoned shirts that look awesome. The red shirt combines well with my dark blue jeans and the green shirt combines excelently with my dress black pants. The red shirt looks so informal and the green shirt is not my favorite color. I think I should think a while bit...
  14. NeoWarrior83

    Pluto and Saturn in first house

    I'm a Libra who have Pluto conjunct my ascendant in the same sign and Saturn in Scorpio in first house. Are there any other members of these boards who have Saturn and Pluto in their ascendant? If you have them who do you deal with them? I'm curious about the influence of those planets in our...
  15. NeoWarrior83

    What does it mean my bucket chart?

    I would like to know what does mean my bucket chart? Do I have a certain mission in this life? What talents/resources do I have available to use to fullfill my purposes? I have Neptune, the Sun and the Moon in the main handles.:confused:
  16. NeoWarrior83

    What the planets degrees on natal chart can tell us?

    I'm using the default house system on for the natal chart.
  17. NeoWarrior83

    What the planets degrees on natal chart can tell us?

    What the planets degrees on natal chart can tell us? I want to know how a planet that is very near or very far positioned in a chart's house can affect us in certain ways.:confused:
  18. NeoWarrior83

    Hi all! I would really like to do chilcare or teaching. Here is my chart!

    You have a heavily packed first house with Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Virgo. Your Moon in the ascendant means that you are a person who loves taking care of people because of your nurturing needs. By other side your first house Mercury makes you an intellectual type of person so it's no...
  19. NeoWarrior83

    Why I'm always atracted to Gemini women?

    Could be. Now that you mention healing right now I'm attracted to another Gemini girl. This one have all the Gemini traits but unlike the others she's being treated medically for depression and anxiety. Anyone who see her can't tell she's even depressed. She's the type of person who masks his...
  20. NeoWarrior83

    Your favourite books?

    The Harry Potter series and 1984.