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  1. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    Ugh... I miscarried yet again in June ( my 3rd miscarriage). Im now seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. I still feel hopeful that by the end of this year I could have a healthy pregnancy.
  2. nicolef

    Pregnancy? Miscarriage?

    Ugh... I miscarried yet again in June ( my 3rd miscarriage). Im now seeing a reproductive endocrinologist. I still feel hopeful that by the end of this year I could have a healthy pregnancy.
  3. nicolef

    Pregnancy? Miscarriage?

    Thanks for your reply! My doctor is testing me for a clotting disorder that could cause miscarriages. Luckily the remedy to it is a baby asprin a day. I am staying positive and I really feel good about getting pregnant this year :)
  4. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    My doctor said there was nothing that could have been done to prevent the miscarriage, and said it was due to chromosomal abnormalities. I asked my doctor about my job and chemicals and she doesnt think its a contributing factor... actually most hairdressers I know are very fertile and don't...
  5. nicolef

    Pregnancy? Miscarriage?

    So I have had two miscarriages. one in October of last year and one recently in March 2013. We are going to continue trying again and I am wondering if anything in my chart suggests or points to anything involving children, pregnancy or miscarriages?
  6. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    I wanted to quicly update, So I did get pregnant in January... however it unfortunately ended in a miscarriage late in March. We are going to continue trying for a child. Does anyone have any input on what my success might be for chilbearing the rest of the year?
  7. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    Thank you for taking the time and responding. I am a hairdresser and often find myself being a psychologist also, so the healing/psychological aspect you brought up makes sense. I am fascinated at the behaviors of humans and I always love to help people be the best them they can be.
  8. nicolef

    Any other Aries rising folks?

    my niece has an Aries rising. she's young but mighty lol. I have a friend with the Aries rising/Cap moon/ Scorpio sun combo and he has a short temper. my moon is Capricorn also :smile:
  9. nicolef


    I will share some of the things mentioned above Really like- Rome(Roman) Egypt Middle east Art Music Building Architecture Vivid colors Candles Water Renaissance period Flowing gowns Women Men Children singing Pyramids Cherry Blossoms People of all ethnicities Fire Exploring Researching Hate-...
  10. nicolef

    Is Belief In Reincarnation Required?

    I dont see why not. I personally believe in reincarnation.
  11. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    Re: Solar Return questions. anyone... :smile:
  12. nicolef

    Solar Return anyone?

    I am seeing if anyone would look at my solar return. This past year I have had some minor health issues and I want to see if that is going to carry into next year, I also want to know if anything indicates children or conceiving. If you see something else career wise or anything else...
  13. nicolef

    Why do I intimidate people?

    I have heard that I can be intimidating as well. I have Mars and Pluto in Scorpio in the 6th house.
  14. nicolef

    Hello there!

    Welcome! This site is great and full of information! Sagittarius with Taurus Rising and Capricorn Moon (haha we have the same signs but in different places) -Nicole
  15. nicolef

    what is the deal with Virgo women?

    The attraction is it physical or is there actual emotional feelings and what are the good qualitys you like of them. Virgos are the hardest sign to gain their trust...if your serious about the girl you are mentioning I would get an opinion on your charts together and see if its a workable problem.
  16. nicolef

    what is the deal with Virgo women?

    Im a sag too and we hate being cornered and nitpicked because of how free spirited we are(go with the flow attitude) My fiance is Leo with Virgo moon and Leo rising and there are times where its alllll about him. If you have a true connection and the rest of your charts work out is really where...
  17. nicolef

    Miiiigh birth chart

    Your sun square moon aspect might make you indecisive, or feel like you are your own worst enemy. It also will allow you to get over hard situations and become a stronger person. Your saturn and uranus in 12th house will make you more accident prone.your mercury mars aspect gives you a sharp...
  18. nicolef

    What signs/placements make someone look good in pics?

    I have a lot of people tell me I'm photogenic. I'm sagitarius with capricorn moon and taurus rising . I also have neptune in capricorn in 8th house like laza. I have a lot of sagitarius in my chart and I have 3 planets in capricorn which could have a tie to bone structure in pictures.
  19. nicolef

    Hey folks!

    Hi! I am new too and I totally relate to you on being interested and studying many subjects at once. I think learning astrology slowly over time is my best bet. :)
  20. nicolef

    Stellium in 8th house

    No we will live in the USA as of right now, but I'm definately open to it someday. I dont want to be tied in one place (how saggitarius), Wouldn't mind having a vacation house somewhere. Luckily my moon and rising sign are Capricorn and Taurus, which keeps me somewhat practical and grounded.