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  1. M.Hendrick

    Hi, I am 8th ho. intercepted stellium

    Below is a portion of an article from Astro Databank. "Investigating Psychic Ability in the Birth Chart by Terri McCartney: Gaston Mascarenas conducted a case study using the birth charts of eight psychics. All eight psychics had the chart features that composed his signature. He noted his...
  2. M.Hendrick

    LEO Rising

    With 5 planets in Leo and all are intercepted in my eight house,it would seem I'd come on as comanding but I've been told I don't. I am more interverted then how they describe a Leo. Think that's because of the interception. I do get along with just about everyone I've met except for my ex who...
  3. M.Hendrick

    Hi, I am 8th ho. intercepted stellium

    Hi,Thank you for your kind words. Your correct about being self taught but it sure would have helped to have someone to bounce my thoughts off least once in a while. Suppose it wasn't in the stars. My teachers were the old astrologers Sepharial (who ,in my opinion was the...
  4. M.Hendrick

    Hi, I am 8th ho. intercepted stellium

    Hey,Thank you for asking about Gematria. The wonderful astrologer Sepharial and his book Kabalistic Astrology is mainly the one who opened the door for me as well as another old astrologer, Charles Carter. Gematria is a form of numerology used to extract words and phrases. I am attaching a link...
  5. M.Hendrick

    Hi, I am 8th ho. intercepted stellium

    Greetings Everyone, Been reading AW for about a year and finally decided it was time to join. I've studied and worked with Astrology since 1979 when I was bed ridden after having cancer surgery. I wasn't allowed out of bed and the only book in the room was on astrology; and so began my journey...
  6. M.Hendrick

    Kite wrote a book

    Hello, I just joined this forum and ran a search for Gematria and your user name came up. I also have research work using the combination of Astrology and Gematria together to extract words and phrases from a persons chart. M.Hendrick