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  1. lorieno

    He says he can't commit...

    Yes there seems to be very little positive points showing a come back to what it has been..:sad: I might add that Pisces Moon (conjunct Chiron, ouch..) in exaltation of Venus, Lord 11 of Hopes and trust shows that you might have hoped a lot more than an exciting sexual relationship. Venus and...
  2. lorieno

    What Happened to Flight 370?

    Flight MH370 departed March 8th 2014 at 0:41am from Kuala Lumpur. Here is the chart: Ruler of Ascendant is Jupiter 10° Cancer, in exaltation in Cancer. Jupiter...
  3. lorieno

    April 23 2014 grand cross

    The grand cross chart will be strongly aspecting the chart of : * Spain which has venus 13° libra and Moon 11 cancer * Greece's Saturn 14° aries * Portugal's Sun 8 cancer and of course * USA Asc Sag chart of Jul 4th 1776 with Sun 13 cancer and Saturn 14 libra Some other country's chart...
  4. lorieno

    Quake prediction

    The Geodetic chart for the time of the quake (2:46 pm local time) shows the 4th cusp strongly aspected. Venus conjunct IC and Midpoint Pluto/Mars conjunct IC.
  5. lorieno

    Which house for astrologer

    Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that: ° If we are asking about an astrologer, the astrologer is a 9th house matter (learned people). In this case ruled by Mercury in Capricorn (angular house) ° If we are wanting to locate the astrologer who is judging the question/chart the querent's...
  6. lorieno

    Gambling Anyone

    I have looked at quite a few charts of big winners and there are always clear indications of their potential for big wins. This indication should repeat in several ways when you look at the chart. Jupiter is always involved and NOT always with easy aspects (trine, sextile). Squares between Sun...
  7. lorieno

    Gambling Anyone

    Here's my take on this subject. I think that winning is very interesting from astrology perspecive but not many people take the time to think what would REALLY happen if they won a big one. Suddenly accessing a lot of money is everyone's dream but it is a big responsability and, most...
  8. lorieno

    Santa Barbara fires and age Harmonic

    Santa Barbara fires and Age Harmonic Charts When hearing of the fires in the vicinity of Santa Barbara I got curious to see if the Age Harmonic chart for the day of the start of the fire (May 5th 2009 mid afternoon) would show clear indication of such a devastation. In particular I was curious...
  9. lorieno

    Relocated Natal Chart comparisons

    Hi Fullmoondawn I relocated your chart in Vancouver and West Canada and I am finding a rather negative result in this area (the 10th house is not very harmonic here) . With due respect to Draco, I feel that taking into account solely the Almuten is not enough. To me your best, most powerful and...
  10. lorieno

    "Indicators of sexual attraction" they work?

    The asteroid Eros is important in sexual attraction. Eros describes our orientation, desire and manifestation of erotic love. Where Eros is in the astrological chart—by sign, house and aspects will denote our likely intense intimacy with someone, from the most taboo to the most divine. When, in...
  11. lorieno

    How can you tell which CROSSING lines are closer/farther away.

    Astrocartography follows the precept that planets are strongest in the four powerful angle houses (MC, ASV, IC and Desc). Plotting lines on a map where the planets were in angular positions at the time and place of your birth shows where they are powerful geographically. These are the Birth...
  12. lorieno

    "Indicators of sexual attraction" they work?

    A man with Mars in Sagitarius, in the 5th house conjunct a woman's Venus makes for torrid sexual attraction.
  13. lorieno

    Relationship confusion, can anyone help me please?

    Out of interest I weighted each composite aspect between you and Gary and you and Jay as well as each synastry aspects (all of them not just the traditional good aspects) and I think that Gary has (sadly if "had") the best potential for long term relationship. I hope I am not bringing salt to...
  14. lorieno

    Moving on to Neptune/Pluto line

    I tend to think that, during our life, we move to locations where we can learn the lessons attached to the particular resonance of the line we live under, be it Pluto or Neptune or Jupiter. At the age of 23, under Pluto transits to my natal Moon I left country and family to follow my Uranus...
  15. lorieno

    Where is my father in law's lost diamond?

    Thank you Goca for this info. I feel like a child ready for a treasure hunt!
  16. lorieno

    Moving on to Neptune/Pluto line

    I think you need to judge the planet's quality within your chart before dismissing it as "difficult". I have lived 6 years under a Pluto/MC line and had a transforming but wonderful time, but Pluto is one of my most harmonious planet (trine to Mars in Sag) with a high degree of harmony. If...
  17. lorieno

    Need Career Relocation reading and advice

    Venus is generally a prominent planet in all artistic activities or professions. I feel that your decision to move West is a good one in regards to your project. Moving West involves, it seems to me, a stronger resonance with the Planet Venus. Your "relocated" Ascendant becomes Libra West of...
  18. lorieno

    Where is my father in law's lost diamond?

    Thanks Archergirl for this starting hints. I take note of your demand of a share of the profit. ;) The 8th house is the place to start. I will think about it. Thank you for your insight on my " personal involvement in solving this puzzle" ... I take it as a positive hint to resolve the...
  19. lorieno

    Where is my father in law's lost diamond?

    Every family has stories which become part of the family folklore. Here is one: some years ago my father in law (my girl friend and i have never been married but I consider him as my father in law) hid a valuable diamond in his house . He had recently purchased it and wanted to have it mounted...
  20. lorieno

    Australian federal Election.

    I am so glad Australia has given Little Johnny the boot and come clear about the Kyoto treaty, but, more on the subject, I would love to look at the horary chart of the time of your initial post Lillyjgc. In retrospect what does this chart says? Just curious...