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    Jupiter opposition Jupiter

    One of the most famous examples of Jupiter opposite Jupiter was for Henry 8th of England. This occurred when the pope refused him permission to divorce and remarry, which led to his decision to split with the catholic church and embrace Protestantism. there are lots of ways in which this is...
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    aspects and configurations...that make good writers

    I was born at the same time as Brett Easton Ellis the writer and I'm a writer too. There is some analysis on the web of his chart which is pretty interesting- at least it is for me. Typically there are 3rd house/9th house placements. Gemini, Virgo and Mercury aspects are good as these all rule...
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    Plutonians: Pluto is the first house, Pluto as a singleton

    If you are looking to merge with someone find yourself a Piscean and leave it them to do the merging- this is what their sign is all about.