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    Neptune in Capricorn generation entering the workplace

    Exactly. Capricorn Neptune types might have ambitious dreams of their own careers and money making, or alternative be about the dissolution of ambition, due to the economic depression, these types have everything to succeed but they enter the workforce at a time of depression and they never...
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    Global meltdown

    Global meltdown will in all its likelyhood get much worse between 2015 and 2020, when most outer planets are in waning cycles, just before the tripple conjunction in late Capricorn in late 2020.
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    European Uprising against the austerity cuts!

    I especially predict that after 2015, the crises will only get worse, until reaching bottom between 2017 and 2019. We will gradually see more riots and by 2025 at least a few European nations will have experienced an uprising, riots, revolutions and even near civil wars. I think its not only...
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    zodiac signs and national stereotypes

    Zodiacal signs are those of charts where the country was founded, and also often correlate with the signs affected by transits of outer planets. Uk, US and Germany all have a cardinal influence. US is Cancer (patriotism. love of their land, homesteads, love of their weapons for self-protection...
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    I had a serious depression and a suicide near-attempt (jumping from building). That was long ago, transits were: - Neptune exact conjunction 12th house Venus, just 3º before ASC - Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in 4th house Another time I had first a near death experience with drugs (but it was not...
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    Natal & transit Saturn in eighth house

    I have Saturn somewhere at end of 8th house, early 9th house. Obviously, the themes of inner study, suble energies and purpose of life, are central in my life. Saturn in 8th also wants us to learn about how to live in relationships and sharing (professional and intimate relationships). This...
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    Saturn in 7th house

    During this transit I met my current partner. Before that, I was living as single for a long time.
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    Saturn in 7th house

    During this transit I met my current partner, 6 years ago. Before that, I was living as single for a long time. Was a good transit for me.
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    April 23 2014 grand cross

    I think this will be a large regional war, that nears world war, or alternatively civil wars in big world powers, coupled with some degree of economic collapse, and for sure plenty of social unrest. Actually, I did this prediction based in many things: - Uranus enters mid Aries: historicall...
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    Help with my 5th house?

    Maybe the planets you think that are on the 5th are REALLY on the 4th. People with planets on the 5th are generally more energetic, positive and agressive (fire element), while the fourth house is more introspective, emotional, conflictive, caring, sensitive....
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    Astrology and Pregnancy. Which transits?

    Anyone else here that had had a kid? Please reply with brief answers, and to the point
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    Astrology and Pregnancy. Which transits?

    What transits were you having when you get pregnant, or your partner? Please state briefly: - Which house was your Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - Whether these were making aspects to natal Sun or Moon
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    planets on your angles: born to rule??

    I have Uranus in MC: yes, I don't like to follow authority neither rules. No one but me is in control of my life. And I wish to free the masses from the slavery they have been living. Venus close to ASC, but 12th houses: hmm, I love nature, kindness, I very much agree with the quality of...
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    Who are the true revolutionaries??

    What about the 3/9 and 5/11 axis?
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    Would Rising Sign Cause Someone To Have Alot Of Moodiness?

    Moon in Cancer: very emotional Sun in Aries: Euphoric, dynamic, energetic The combination of both creates a bipolar personality. Combine both parts of your personality.
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    How to get self-employed?

    Hi all, I have natal Uranus in MC, and currently transiting middle of 2nd house. Anyone has got through a similar transition employed to becoming self-employed? How long lasted? Which practical steps should I take?
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    6th House and Mental Illness

    The 6th house is about what you feel about the world surrounding you, and the impact that has on you. This includes career, how you deal with daily life, health, relationships, sense of worth The "health & routine 6th house" is a simplified astrological stereotype! I think Uranus (or even...
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    Neptune in 1st house

    Neptune in first dissolves a bit the sense of self.... and also creates confusion between our persona, what we project, and what others are. So it doesn't surprise me that you were not so aware of it. It also gives you the shyness, desire to help others or for isolation, which are not typical of...
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    Aspects of being a bully, or being bullied at school

    I was bullied because: Sun/Neptune in natal 11th house Uranus in MC Transiting Uranus/Neptune were transiting my 11th/12th houses at that time. Transiting Pluto was transiting my 10th house at that time.
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    1348 Plague in London

    Violet flyer, whether the outer planets are mostly in waxing or waning cycles tells it all. In 1340s/1350s, all outer planet cycles were in waning cycles: which means pessimism and destruction. This is similar to what happened last century in 1910s and 1940s. And guess what: there will be a...