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    Ivf transfer will it be successfuk this time

    Will my next ivf transfer be successful after 3 miscarriages, current miscarriage happening now, Current transits in the photo Looking at doing it again august//September Thanks
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    Hi all I’ve had my 6th embryo transfer on the 11th May and have now been spotting and I’m guessing I’m going through my 3rd miscarriage this how all my losses start around week 5. Can someone offer me some insight into this please? I’m getting really distressed and depressed over it all...
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    Help with Natal Chart

    Thank you lovely - xx
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    Help with Natal Chart

    Thank youc Many thanks for your knowledge - I think I’ve been reading to much about it that freaked me out. I’m expected to have my 6th ivf embryo transfer in April May time I had my second miscarriage in December last year so I was mostly after advice and knowledge regarding what it could...
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    Help with Natal Chart

    Can someone please offer some knowledge of my natal chart, please see attached. Mostly intrigued by fertility and this Pluto entering Aquarius 0degrees this year as this is my natal moon and I’m terrified. Many thanks
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    Help with Natal Chart and Solar chart

    Hey everyone is anyone able to read birth and solar charts? I can’t make sense of mine and it’s specifically relating to pregnancy, I’m currently going through ivf and have had two miscarriages and 5 transfers If anyone is clued up with readings please help, Thank you