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    welcome Im also new here too!
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    astrological advice needed concerning depression and suicidal tendencies

    I hate to offer advice because I am no where near qualified. we have all had our ups and downs though. I would just suggest like someone else did that you sit down with him in the most caring way and offer to be there for him and ask about who he is and except him no matter what he tells you...
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    How many seconds have you been alive?

    haha this is cool, but I dont think I could post fast enough to answer this !:happy:
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    confused about a few things

    Waybread, thank you again. Well, you've given me alot of help and that is valuable to me. Yea i'll have to post my chart again soon - probably just need to put it in my sig or something, lol. Ill probably need it alot here on this forum. Just out of curiosity ( i have alot of it) what sign are...
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    Hi new here!

    Thank you Sweet Escape, im really glad to be here! EhTeam, Thanks! Yes Im a Leo, yay!:w00t: thanks for the warm welcomes:biggrin:
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    Hi new here!

    Hey thank you!
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    My mother looking for career advice

    this question has been answered thanks everyone!
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    Hi new here!

    Hey nice to see you too!
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    confused about a few things

    Hey R4VEN! a fellow LEO yay! I love it too..sungrl just came to me, lol. Hey thank you for the advice..I will stick to one question from now on.. Heres my chart posted if anyone wants to take a look!
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    confused about a few things

    Hi all im new here, really looking forward to finding a wealth of information here. - on the other hand I have always been extremely creativily driven mostly by my intense emotions and a kind of spirit of freedom and need for expression sorry for all the confusing questions and thank you...
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    Hi new here!

    Hi ive been increasingly getting more interested in astrology and what it has to do with our physiological and psycological selves. thanks for having me!:happy: