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    Does this guy find my friend attractive?

    Denoted by culminating Saturn, in such position of monopoly and power of the chart everything else than serious may be discarded. Sure: The 12th house's lord is conjunct the chart lord, giving special importance to this house. It may be saying that the answer for Gemini lies in the 12th house...
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    Square aspects in horary?

    Overall, yes, but harmony just comes when the conflicts are being solved. In general, yes. Saturn almost always talks about karma, so karma from past lives in relationships is possible. What I interpret from that is that people you hurt in past lives will come here to teach you valuable...
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    Does this guy find my friend attractive?

    Here are some observations (take in count I'm not an expert in Horary, so if there's a mistake, please let me know): The Ascendant of the Horary chart is in the (last-) first degrees, so I would take interpretations of the chart with a grain of salt. My interpretation is that it's early to know...
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    Square aspects in horary?

    I don't like the framework where aspects are 'positive' or 'negative' by themselves. They just harmonize or in-harmonize energies: Harmonic aspects create flowing cooperation between two points' energies. Inharmonic aspects show there's tension that needs to be worked on in order to be able to...
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    Venus and mars synastry

    Thanks! "Harmonic" aspects don't 'call for action' because they naturally flow. "Tense" aspects do 'call for action' because they don't flow, since there's an issue preventing them from doing so. So that's to what I'm referring with 'call for action', basically there's a need of some kind of...
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    Random Thoughts, strictly Text

    Musk will undergo a shoulder surgery soon... It will surely leave him temporarily incapacitated for the match, so it'll be delayed, thus generating more suspense and media coverage, therefore attracting EVEN MORE money. Incredible.
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    Venus and mars synastry

    Hi there! Let's start with the fundamentals: Oppositions are formed with a 180° degree angle between two points. It represents, forgiving the redundancy, an opposition between the forces and influence of the points involved. An opposition is considered a challenging aspect since it forces the...
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    Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

    Yeah! But the focus of the interpretation changes when interpreting houses and signs in an unified way. For example, check the way I wrote this: I'm talking about the relationship of the characteristics of Pisces and the 6th house, respectively, by providing them a particular focus, so I...
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    Why is it that, every time I strongly fall in love, I get rejected in a similar way? Is there a lesson to learn from this?

    Hi there! Venus, your 7th house lord, is conjunct Neptune, which means you, consciously or subconsciously, tend to seek relationships with particularly Neptunian people (dreamers, artists, but also, may have big confusions and doubts or vague lives in general), and/or, your relationships by...
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    Alright, in that case, here are a few interpretations: Sun, Venus, Jupiter transiting 7th house: The marriage front is in focus right now. If you're single: you may meet someone new, or consider an already known person, to be a good partner; If you're married: Your partner may be passing...
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    There is certainly a lot going on! What area in particular do you want it to be interpreted (job, love, friendships...)? It's difficult to give an 'overview' interpretation of all the fields, so, please, be more specific.
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    sun trine descendant in synastry?

    Why? The Moon's nodes aren't physical entities neither and they're often interpreted (alongside) with non-hard aspects. I mean, yeah, maybe a Quintile of X with the Mc isn't as powerful than with the Sun, however (at least from my point of view; without diving into the interesting debate)...
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    Anaretic degree in composite charts

    Good point of view, I like it. Just one question, aren't the houses' cusps (therefore, placements) based on degrees? If so, I understand you may ignore critical degrees, but not the degrees themselves. Is that what you meant?
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    Anaretic degree in composite charts

    Hello, fellow astrologers. I have noticed that in several composite charts of people who have, or have had a relevant relationship (not only love relationships, but also friendly and intellectual ones) some personal points and planets are often found in the anaretic degree (29°). Is this a...
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    5D Inspiration!!

    "What I like about mutual and disinterested help between two people is the uncertainty of not knowing, in the end, who was lucky enough to meet whom".
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    sun trine descendant in synastry?

    I agree with waybread, the importance of the ascendant frequently opaques the descendant. However, I don't think the interpretations of aspects to the ascendant would include the descendant (just as the interpretations of, let's say, the sign of the 2nd house cusp doesn't cover the 8th's cusp...
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    Hello! I'm curious about what kind of careers could be a good fit for me. I have yet to find a path I feel strongly drawn towards.

    With Neptune transiting your 10th house it's natural, and even expected, to feel lost in your professional trajectory. However, Saturn will conjunct your MC around May 2024, which will provide you with some clarity and the need to set strong foundations in your career. With your Pisces MC, the...
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    Help, going through a bad phase!! Can anyone do a chart reading?? Looking for information on some aspects. More info in thread.

    Hi there! I'm sorry to hear that. About friendships, you have Cancer in the 11th house, making you very reserved with people in general, that's why you struggle to make and maintain friends. You over-exert yourself pleasing them because of your fear of losing them. About the betrayals and bad...
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    What is wrong with me?

    Along with all that has already been previously mentioned, here are some other points: 'borderline mother': 4th house co-lord, Jupiter, squared with 4th house's stellium. 'alcoholic dad': 10th house lord, Mercury, participating in the 4th house stellium, which is opposed to Chiron and Rahu...
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    natal retrograde and stationary planets

    And that's one of the main reasons why there're many writers and artists with Mercury Rx!: these people may have trouble expressing in "common"/"casual" ways (mainly verbal talk), so they enjoy expressing through alternative communication methods like writing, drawing, or even playing musical...