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    Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

    If an astrologer tells you that your life is predestined according to your astrological chart, get a second opinion from another astrologer. Some people might want to feel that their life is predestined and believe that they have virtually no power. Others want to become aware of the inner...
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    Pluto square Pluto

    Yet, during that time your life you were doing something and experiencing something new. I doesn't have to be frightening or scary. Nevertheless it is a change.
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    Pluto square Pluto

    Is your natal Pluto in a hard aspect to another natal planet in your chart? That will also determine how intense this period will be, and the other planet will be affected as well. This is a time to shed what is old. Our resistance to letting go what needs to go causes the tension. What needs...
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    What can I use in my chart to help with anger management and avoiding distorted thoug

    You are correct when you say that Mars may be more of a force in your anger. Your Moon/Neptune opposition to Mars is leading to distorted thoughts and your anger toward what others say. Add to that the square between Neptune and Mercury. Also, the opposition of Saturn to your Sun/Venus is adding...
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    Spiritual Astrology

    If anyone is interested, I offer astrology readings with a spiritual approach. Please check out my website for my information.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Daniel and I'm a spiritual astrologer and guide. I look forward to the exchange of ideas in the wonderful world of astrology.