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    Aspect Pattern Calculator

    @magnolia: And do you have a pattern in your chart? Because if you don't there is none to be found.
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    Aspect Pattern Calculator

    Quick Update: Now the calculator shows quality or element where relevant, for example: Fire Grand Trine or Fixed T-Square. It still shows the apex planet where relevant.
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    Where did the Clairvision School natal chart reader go?

    Free chart reading apps aren't very profitable, if you like some cherish it all it vanishes.
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    Transiting North Node Conjunct Natal Sun

    Many astrologers would say that the Nodes cast no rays but from experience I can say their aspects can be felt. That's why we have included the North Node transit interpretations in to our Personalized Daily Horoscope, together with Lilith (that usualy is also considered rayless). In general...
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    read my chart please

    Not really, but things like when kids will be is the sort of things no serious astrology report shows, not a serious astrologer should interpret from a birth chart.
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    read my chart please

    If nobody wants to interpret it for free you can help yourself with a free computerized reading, for example here:
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    Grand cross.

    I wouldn't count Ascendant in to Aspect Pattern calculation, it's not a planet it doesn't cast aspects, it just recieves them. Try this for Aspect Pattern calculation:
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    Synastry/Composite, help :)

    Saturn square pluto is common, effective I wouldn't say the biggest of worries here. Saturn square Ascendent is more important and it says exactly what you describe having tight criteria on de behaviour of the other person .. like when you seeing him beigh too flirtatious. I am not completely...
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    Dominant planet/sign?

    I personally would go for Saturn as dominant: he is close to the Asc (within orb of conjunction) and also the ruler of the ascendant ruler (Mercury is in Capricorn which Saturn rules), same for MC. Saturn is going to be felt strongest, in my opinion.
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    Dominant planet/sign?

    Never had that problem you can still enter geo and tz manually ... what is your country and city?
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    Dominant planet/sign?

    I honestly don't understand why anybody still uses Pullen, besides been the first computerized dominant calculator, there is not much else to it .. that was 40 years ago? I rarely meet anybody who would agree with results of Pullen, still i't's the first thing to be used and recommended ... We...
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    How much do minor aspects matter?

    Overlooking minors makes for misleading judgement of the chart. Especially the small squares are really important. For example any exact small square is much stronger than a wide sextile.
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    Void of Course Calculator

    Hello, for those who need to know if a planet is Void of Course you can use this tool: It works for the Moon, but also for the seven traditional and three modern planets. The range is between 1800-2100. The range can be increased...
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    Free online midpoint calculator and intepretations

    This one has no interpretations, however it shows also transiting midpoints: Midpoints by signs, objects, midpoints activated by planets and transits to midpoints are of course also available.
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    Need list of my transits for time range.

    If you can wait for maybe a month I am currently coding it for my page. It will be free, maybe need to register, but that is also free and stays free .. will see how much the calculations kills cpu time.
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    Meaning of minimal aspects?

    The implications depend on the overall picture. Mars owns a energy that is supposed to work like a spear: quick, forcefull, directly and therefore best if concentrated on one place (that is why he is exalted in Capricorn). Having too many aspects is scattering his energy and that is decreasing...
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    Midpoint Calculator

    Hello, if anybody is in search of midpoints here is a midpoint calculator: It lists results by planet/object or by sign and also active midpoints (aspected by planet). See top part of attached picture. Also if somebody needs to see...
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    Meaning of minimal aspects?

    Depends on what planet is unaspected. At least in my opinion. Planets have psychology, so Venus is a planet that is a lot about relationships, without aspects to other planets Venus doesn't have relationships and this side of her is debiliated. Jupiter and Moon even more. Mars and Saturn on the...
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    Do transits to progressed placement apply...Really??

    I agree with Lin: test it your self. There is a lot of theory that says it does not work and can not work, but my experience is that it works. Of course the information gained from transit to progression can be obtained through other methods as well. However, for anybody who masters transits...
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    Do transits to progressed placement apply...Really??

    Depends on the astrological school you lean towards. I agree with those that say transits to progressed placements apply. You should not expect too much from fast transits, but the slow ones definitely have influence.