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    I need help with my sons birth chart.

    Hello. I’m a big fan of astrology and dream interpretation (thanks to my grandma). Last year I tried to read and understand my sons birth chart. Im worried about his moon aspects, (square Saturn, Pluto) sun and moon in the 8th house. I want him to be happy and I want to be a good mother. He is a...
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    10th house stellium ¿?

    Thank you. Do you find it positive?
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    10th house stellium ¿?

    Hi Lin, thanks for your answer. How do I find if they are conjunct? And also, do you find positive having sun, mercury, Jupiter and Uranus on the 10th house?
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    10th house stellium ¿?

    I was wondering if having Sun, Jupiter, Chiron, vesta (Aries) Mercury, Uranus, part fortune (Taurus) on the 10th house still stellium? Or they have to be all of them in the same sign? And how positive it is?