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    the node and reality

    I don't know how things will be but I will keep you posted. I would really like to see how the transit node's effect on these aspects will influence the relationship.
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    the node and reality

    Impressed with your skills again. Its exactly about something that he wouldn't make compromise with me. The transit nnode is going to be at composite venus/mars midpoint at cancer 21 in mid April , does that mean things will get better by that time?
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    the node and reality

    Here is the interpretation Rahu did for my composite. Thanks again for his excellent reading.Chart is attached below. RAHU'S READING: there are aspects that show a stable relationship.his name at mid heaven and yours on th ascendant certinty shiws this is a important relationship. th...
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    Your experience w/ travel and relocation chart

    Definitely felt the difference. I was born and raised in China. My natal has a 12th stellium with Leo asc. After moving to Canada , my personal planets shifted to 8th and my asc changed to Sag. The difference is I was shy and skittish especially when it came to interact with the opposite sex. I...
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    New on English astrology forum

    Hello all, I am new here and I hope to learn more of the western astrology from everyone. Have a great evening!
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    Where are my fellow Dogs??🐕 ❤️ (Chinese Astro)

    Are you talking about the four pillar eight characters chart? I don't know anything about the English sites but I just did a quick google search and this one can probably give you a simple Chinese birth chart. However, I...
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    the node and reality

    Hi Rahu, Can you please explain a bit about what it means when NN conjuncts orcus,nessus and mars (widely) in a composite chart? Its a chart of me and someone I am currently involved with. The stellium sounds quite evil but I d be grateful if you could look at this composite when you have time...