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    Pluto crossing the 7th house.

    first, pluto is going to transit the composite mars(which has started earlier this year... and will continue for at least a good year). if you all can get through that, then, pluto transitting the descendant and 7th house could be very interesting. ... intense and deep and all sorts of good...
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    Who is more compatible...?

    hi. im going to do a real quick glance at the moment ... due to the combination of my schedule at the moment ... and my draw to your post. so, take this for what it is... .. i imagine you feel a bit "more" pull from the first chart. i dont think life is about these kind of choices really...
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    neptune synastry?

    lion o ness, i hear you that you are conflicted regarding the relationship. and i don't know the whole charts, or story.. obviously.... .. but what i am ultimately suggesting is to decide WHY it isnt satisfying and WHAT you can do about it. regardless of how dreamy a tie the relationship can...
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    neptune synastry?

    lion o ness. .. look at the mercurys of whats going on. meditate on it. ....maybe hopefully plutos knocking mercurys around hopefully. and take it on. all lovely lion-like. and roar a lot. in there somewhere. i was howling earlier today . lets it be.
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    neptune synastry?

    ah man. i have to say i didnt thoroughly read all of this thread. but the "smoke signals, morse code" bit made me have to respond because its soooooooo funny. it has such truth. example: (neptune associated love person) : "i think she wants me to call her." (friend) : "oh ok...
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    Cancer [The sign] and how to get rid of it.

    wow. well. first of all ... its definitely more complicated than that. ..more simple in the way that relationships are so very much about oneself ... and more complicated in the hopeful realization about that fact. ... either way. based on your "perspective". *#1))) SAY WHAT YOU MEAN...
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    mars in a partners 12th house

    ive known this in a number of scenarios . and thinking about it... they all differ (with me as the 12th house person)... .... according to what other aspects the persons mars makes with the rest of my chart. to a large extent. doing my best to isolate the "mars in my 12th house" scenario...
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    7th house/Descendant synastry

    i think an easy way to investigate the feel of how the descendant works (for you) is to think of people whose suns signs fall conjunct your descendant. .... ..figure the day of the year that the sun is at that(same as descendant) degree... and come up with people who have that birthday. there is...
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    sun/mood midpoint in synastry

    i do . i adore it. i feel like he is a "man" ... what my person considers a man. seems the relationship makes me realize that even upon mutual attraction.... that concept isnt always present.... it feels like a wonderful gift. an aspect of a relationship that can really be utilized . i...
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    True nature of the relationship.

    hi. based on the tool of astrology, its easy to "see" many reasons why you have been able to maintain an unconventional relationship. as you mention feeling now. ... sometimes theres simply more to it than a "connection". i can appreciate that its easy for you to innocently and harmoniously...
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    Can you get along with someone well based on Sun/Moon, rather than Moon/Moon?

    Hello. So, I am responding to the sum of your posts. My perspective, food for thought: natally, your aries venus is opposite your libra jupiter. you can look further into that aspcect... however, maybe you arent as quick to commit and ground in relationships (even though in the beginning you...
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    Pluto Transits

    plutos SLOW. i am most dealing with 4degress cap descendant,,,, which ive mentioned. tho..... goodness i cant imagine much more about plutos final pass through, into the end of this year. ...... as you speak 'final passes'. anyone want to speak to a plutos transitng a planet/point....FINALLY...
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    Pluto Transits

    hello. i think i understand that you care as a human being. "if i expect too much of people" is interesting. ..probably you may . and i relate.... giving the transit opposite of me (and you as you say) tho... whats that really about. thats why the transits interesting and fun. it completely...
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    Pluto Transits

    hey. youre intuitiive. the visual helps. i just mean pluto transit the descendant tho. one could imagine, ,, of course someone ... here... ideally want a language for which the experience is. i am only human. thatd be amazing to hear a certain depth of what i feel in actual...
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    Pluto Transits

    my descendants 4 degrees capricorn. i have yet to come across any inkling of recognition regarding pluto transitting ones descendant. it started last year... and will continue through this year. and it is truly insane, the re-evaluation of relations that it puts one through. i thrive on...
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    Hello? I would love to hear perspectives... really. And actually, I thought it to be an interesting composite to share... ...... and with good cause. At least though, what does venus/uranus midpoint conjunct neptune in a composite translate as? in addition... the moon opposite that neptune...
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    Hello! the attached composite is a relation I have known for over nine years now. It has always felt like a "special" tie... so I have made room for it in my life. ... however, for a long time now, I have questioned the "reality" of prioritizing it in my life because of its rather intangible...
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    Should I stay, or should I go?

    Hi. To your benefit.... look into pluto transits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has been experience major transition....... and you are just starting a DEEEEEEEEEP and very transformative long time to come. Pluto demands 'letting go'..... and it WILL have its way. Your composite chart is experiencing...
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    Pluto Transits

    Why? what do you contribute to having pluto opp. sun natally? and why are you grateful not to have it?
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    It is pluto. Please help.

    Hello. I posted this chart. ... in order to focus my question. Pluto transitting my descendant is vast deep vast and more deep deep.. vast. ....and I'm sure I'd get the gamut of perspectives on all aspects of my life. (itd be great. .... but, I agree. ... that this relationship has some sort...