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    Astrology Book Review: Primary Directions Astrology's Old Master Technique.

    [deleted non-English video - please only post videos in English - Moderator] I've calculated with Regiomontanus Direction method of all three promissors(Mercury, Venus and Mars) to Sun(Significator) I surprised all three direction is happened in my life!! This is awesome book. and Now I...
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    Hire Real Traditional Astrologer!

    I am a student of Christopher Warnock and Martin Gansten. I have certificate of Completion on Natal from Christopher Warnock and I've learned Horary myself with Horary Textbook of John Frawely but My accuracy of Horary almost 73% and always my Natal Delineation is really correct yesterday my...
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    Suggestion on Career as Traditional Astrologer.

    One thing I would like to ask you guys for advice on is, I consider myself a very good classical astrologer, because my Horary accuracy rate is 70% to 80%, and my Natal accuracy rate was recently told by a client of mine that it was almost 90% accurate. However, in my country, few people know...
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    The Art of prediction Careers series Fifth

    What you see for Delineation of the native career? We should start the first part of Natal Astrology. Describing of Native personality, temperament and Wit. Even though Someone has talents on Religious Practice, if one has too much afflicted Mercury, and Mercury in Pisces and under the...
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    What does Traditional Astrology show is......

    What I wanna say that by realizing Astrology is truth we can realize that we are microcosm of the God.
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    Essay on Essential Dignities.

    Essay On Essential Dignities. One Client asks me that If I told the truth about one evil cult leader in court, then Can I be Win? He has muscular body and curly hairs and Leo is rising and Sun is in 12th house and Mars the ruler of Mars are in Libra and it is in Seventh House and Conjoin...
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    The Art of prediction Careers series Fourth

    Today, I also find chart and try to predict her job without any previous information on her but only birth data and gender Date:1th February, 1968 Time: 17: 01pm Birth Place: Memphis, Tennesse She has strong, sharpen and brave heart by Strong Mars. But Mars is in Pisces so her angry does not...
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    The Art of Horary Series One: Can I see whaleshark and a large stingray in Maldives?

    My sister ask me that can I see whaleshark and a large stangray? when i travle Maldives? Date: 25th April, 2023 Time: 16: 26pm Place: Suwon/South Korea This kind of Horary Question is a quite difficult. But let's try deepr, What is the essence of Shark yest it is Mars and a Large strangray is...
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    The Art of prediction Careers series Third

    The purposes of this series articles are for showing how it is easy that delineation of Job of Unknonw X This girl is a client who have came to me. Date: 2th May, 1991 Time: 13: 57pm Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Gender: Woman It is tired to say all details factors to prediction Career but...
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    The Art of prediction Careers series Two.

    Thank you for your good suggestion
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    My Horary Astrology Accuracy open to people

    At the last day of the month, I calculate how my predictions are correct as Accuracy Percentage. Iron Clad to consider whether the predictions are correct or wrong. 1 if i cast chart that my teacher will send replying email to my email in one week? and if it is occurred in one week then it is...
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    The Art of prediction Careers series Two.

    I don't want to say William Lily is the best astrologer in Renaissance or traditional astrologer. But Some follower of traditional astrologers say that Charts are exist which can't be explained by William Lily's method. But if we accept that Traditional Astrology is synthetic art then it is...
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    Art of Prediction Career of Native.

    thank you for your casting chart
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    Astrology Sammadhi

    Astrology Sammadhi
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    Discussion on Purposes of Natal Astrology Predictions.

    Many Traditional Astrologers in South Korea are a little aggressive. So, Some say to me that Why you are too much attach for Predicting Future in Best Accuracy. First is to avoid bad-fortunes or decrease bad fortunes. My past Zen Master say to me that If rain comes then use an Umbrella and if...
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    Art of Prediction Career of Native.

    Above Screenshot is paper-note on Career prediction of Unknown Native without previous information in Astro-Databank. Many astrologers feel that it is difficult to predict someone's Career with Natal Chart and Skeptical Astrologers on Natal Career prediction say that prediction Career by Natal...
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    What does Traditional Astrology show is......

    Like that... In our life and spirits the images of the God is still alive...
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    Can you recommend Online University for Traditional Astrology Career?

    I am a misfit of South Korean Educational System even though I was science gifted child when i was young. I think that I am quite skillful in Traditional Astrology, but South Korean people care educational background background. Can you recommend Online and Famous College and Univerity but also...