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    Marriage during 2nd phase of sade sati good???

    It is almost like an arranged marriage. But we liked each other first. Our family encouraged us. But i really don't feel like she is for me in recent months. They accuse the astrology. But my heart is not ready for it. The girl likes me and always clingy. But i really don't like her habits these...
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    Marriage during 2nd phase of sade sati good???

    Can you get married during 2nd phase of sade sati, jenma shani??? Sani mahadasa, ketu antardasa happening till october Shani in 11th house and ketu in 2nd house in birth chart. Moon sign - Aquarius, shadabishta How would be the life after saturn transit to shatabishta star this month???
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    Why people say rahu and ankaraha yoga is always malefic??? Isn't there any benefit???

    One of my friend going through rahu mahadsa. He is about to face his last bukti of this mahadasa which is Mars in a month. Faced many problems and obstacles in life, career, job ect. Almost left with nothing. But recently he said he is feeling positive and courageous to start his dream business...
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    Which period is effective on karma??? Which planet is responsible???

    According to astrology which period will affect you for your bad karma??? Which planet is responsible for karma??? Do some karmic effects last long (good/bad) even after the end of karmic period??? In other word, unable to recover from effects???
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    Will this marriage proser??? Got engaged in a wrong day??? Marana yoga and ganta yoga.

    Thank you so much for the reply. Few more details I missed from the discussion. The groom is facing saturn mahadasa rahu bukti, he is 28 or 29. The girl is in surya mahadasa, ketu bukti. Age 28 or 29. From engagement to marriage both in same mahadasa and bukti. Marriage will be in mid of this...
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    Meghan markle date of birth real or reel? Verdic analysis.

    I found a thread here about MM's DOB. I have just analysed two DOBs according to verdic astrology. I am not an expert but just tried. mention your scores for the match of two DOBs. It is just for analysis. No offence. According to Internet 1981 Aug 04 4:46 am As it was Rumoured 1977 Aug 04...
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    How some astrologers predict celebrity lifes without knowing their natal chart or birth time???

    I have found some astrologers predicted the future of celebrities without knowing their birth time. How this is possible???
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    Can you predict will it cause divorce?? Rahu mahadasa, saturn antardasha, rahu return, rahu in 10th house

    I just posted a story about my cousin. And this is about his mother. All these details are what I over heard. And I am unable to get her date of birth and other detail. When discussing about my cousin's engagement this predictions popped during an argument. One of my grandparents is a keen...
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    Will this marriage proser??? Got engaged in a wrong day??? Marana yoga and ganta yoga.

    One of my cousin got engaged on a day which wasn't an auspicious day as I heard. I didn't attend it. So I really didn't know much about the dates. But I overheard that his mother who was greedy rushed to fix that date. Later an elder from our family checked the panjangam and found It was marana...