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    Allergy or something else

    For about 1 year I have allergy for many food and dust. My immune system reacts on anything. Still this hapenned I never had allergy. Something happen, I don`t know what exactly, but unlock this kind of allergy so called pseudoallergy. If anyone want to have a look at my chart
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    Career matters

    thanks, wilsontc I`m not sure, but I don`t like finance pretty much. My libra moon is so undecisive.
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    Career matters

    When you look so`s chart how interpret what kind of job is appropriate fot that person? In wich area he/she will be good enough to achieve success? If anybody wants to have a look at my chart. I am confused in some way. If you ask me I don`t want to work something particular. I dind`t grow with...
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    Interesting article. I have Pluto conj. Mars on Desc. Noteasy I think. SOmetimes I feel very desperate that I will have some normal personal relationship. There are aways power struggles, and all that plutonian stuff. With my asc taurus I have staying power, but sometimes I want to get rid of...
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    Taurus rising, Libra rising(maybe), something neptunian: Sun conjuncts Neptune. Eight house(scorpio) influence. a lot of water in the chart. Scorpio venus for men and Taurus/Libra venus for women. Scorpio Mars for men and Libra/gemini mars for women. venus in 7th house
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    Re: Education, to Killah I prefer business administration and Public relation. But they are opposites
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    what kind of education is appropriate for me? Is there indication to study abroad? Here is my natal chart
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    Appropriate Job

    What kind of job is appropriate for me? Here is my natal chart Thanks!
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    Transiting North Node conjuncts natal North Node

    What do you think about transiting North Node conjuncts natal North Node?!
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    Retro Jupiter in intercepted 12th house

    Hey 8) I have Jupiter RX in Aries (intercepted) in 12th house...What would you tell me about this?! Many thanks :wink:
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    Sagittarius with Taurus rising

    Hey :wink: What do you think about Sagittarius sun-sign and Taurus rising combination?! Many thanks!
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    tr Saturn squares Asc

    I also have tr Pluto conjunction natal Uranus in 8th house :roll:
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    tr Saturn squares Asc

    Hey, Many thanks to you again! 8) I have one more question : It is possible this Saturn`s transit to the Asc/Dsc bring to light subliminal fears ?! :roll:
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    tr Saturn squares Asc

    8) "Is your natal Pluto/Mars conj on the Desc, or only in the 7th house? " -Yes, my natal Pltuto/mars are conjuncting the Dsc "Has violence or aggression been a part of your life in some way?" (you don't have to answer that one here...bit personal) - Yes, in some way...but in my childhood...
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    tr Saturn squares Asc

    Hey, many thanks to you :wink: I really needed someone to answer my question! After I read it I reached a conclusion that this is very important lesson to me...So...If I got the idea, there is some kind of power that I can`t understand( but it is somewhere, somehow with me) and I have to...
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    tr Saturn squares Asc

    Hey 8) What do you think about tr Saturn squares Asc and Mars/Pluto on Dsc?!
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    tr Saturn squares natal Asc and Pluto/Mars(Dsc)

    Please, tell me more about Saturn transiting square natal Asc and Pluto/Mars(Dsc)?! I have natal Saturn conjuncts Sun in 8th house(Sagg) Mars conjuncts Pluto in 7th house( Scorpio) :merci:
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    What Element Is Your Rising Sign?

    Sagittarius Sun Taurus Rising Libra Moon :wink:
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    Pluto Goes Direct

    Hello! I have transiting Pluto conjuncts my natal stellium in 8th house(sag) before year Pluto conjuncts Mercury, after that Sun, before a few days conjuncts Saturn and next year wil have exact conjunction with Neptune :roll: If anyone have experienced some of these, please share with me! :wink:
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    Is your current profession related to your MC?".

    :wink: My birth date is December 14th 1987, 14:20, Sofia(Bulgaria) :)