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    Career advancements?

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    Is my future husband in tech?

    I know its not possible. I just wanted to see whats written in the chart. The 7th lord is jupiter placed in capricorn gives bad partner etc.. lots of aries in 7th so maybe someone that likes sports? Just curious to see what the flavor is. In some situations, you can guess what type of field the...
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    Is my future husband in tech?

    I live in canada. My background is indian. Grew up in canada all my life. Birthday feb 1996 What is my future husband like? Is he in tech? Is he around the same age as me? Im 27. Also, i was born on the 45th minute. A relative of mine told my mother that its an unfortunate time to be born...
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    Tell me about my personality! Law school?! What are the most challenging parts in my life?

    Overall, my relationship with my parents are good and i grew up financially sound. Was depressed around 2014 when transit saturn was conjunct my moon when all my friends went to university and I didnt. I didnt take school as seriously and it really hit me seeing all the girls around me succeed...
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    Why does my family suck

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    Pluto moving into my 10th and saturn moving into 11th for taurus ascendant

    At what point made u decide to make the change? Was it when transit pluto was in close degrees/aspects to a specifc natal planet?
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    Will i win?

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    Will i win?

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    Why did he suicide?

    This is the chart of someone who suicided by gunshot while livestreaming his whole suicide online. I posted his birthchart with the tranists on the day he suicided. I see transit saturn over moon which is a really hard transit, but what do u think pushed him over the edge?
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    Why do i love being alone so much?

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    Is it love marriage? Is my wife evil?

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    I have the worst d9 chart ever.

    Is multiple marriages seen? And will spouse trick me? Please let me know when is good time to marry.
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    Why is my luck in education so bad?

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    My current transits and life/illness

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    describe me

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    Solar return chart reading for this scorpio?