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    does she have a crush on me?

    makes sense since i kind of made the first move, but since i knew her from work isnt she represented by the 6th house?
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    does she have a crush on me?

    hello everyone, I kind of have a little crush on my co-worker, we became closer recently we started talking to each other outside of work almost everyday. sometimes i get some mixed signals on where this is going? i just want to know if she is interested in me too. 🤔
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    when will i get the call from them?

    hmmm, i think i will receive the call i just dont know if its going to be soon or it might take a while..🤔 the exaltations are a good sign i suppose though?
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    when will i get the call from them?

    thats interesting because in the previous chart i think saturn was in the second house! and someone had pointed out that the job might disappoint when it comes to how it will pay.
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    when will i get the call from them?

    thank you for your insight! 😊
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    when will i get the call from them?

    hi everyone, in my last thread i asked a question of wether i should apply to this job when the moon is in capricorn or not, majority of the answers were yes. so i did apply, now my question is a follow up to that situation, when will i hear from the job if im accepted or rejected? your help &...
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    will i get this job?

    interesting, i really want the job but i have always thought that i am not qualified enough for it. i think with saturn being retrograde in the 2nd house that could be me being unsatisfied with the pay? as saturn represents restrictions. something worth mentioning i am a cap rising personally...
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    will i get this job?

    yes that is my question as ElenaJ interpreted, i think i just didnt know how to articulate the question.
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    will i get this job?

    hi guys, i got advised by an astrologer to apply to this job when the moon will be in capricorn. so my question is if i did take her advice will i get the job?
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    am I getting engaged this year?

    hi everyone, it seems like im having a lot of options when it comes to being in a serious commitment but i dont feel like any of them are truly "the one" it seems to me that im very fixated on finding "the one" whilst dodging the options i have in my reality. it got me thinking will i commit/...
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    should I apply for this job or no?

    hey everyone i have been thinking of applying to this job that I had in mind since forever but I have been dreading applying because my fear of rejection and facing disappointment. im not really sure should i go for it or wait ?
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    does my coworker have a crush on me?

    hi everyone, recently i started a new internship and ever since i have been noticing my coworker just paying a lot of attention to me, i could say this week he's supervising my training so i've been noticing it more, im curious does he like me?
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    is he really traveling for work?

    I have been seeing someone for the past month, its fairly new but was getting really exclusive. he told me two weeks ago that he has to travel for work and he doesnt really know when he'll be back. for some reason i just felt like it was a little suspicious even though he never gave me a reason...
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    should i confront her?

    hi everyone, ive been best friends with this girl since we were kids, recently i knew from my sister that she keeps talking bad behind my back to her and it made me question our entire friendship. im so upset and i dont know if i should confront her or let it go.
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    is he married?

    he seems to be talking a lot about being in a serious relationship with me, he even brought up marriage and i thought he was just being flirty until he actually said he's ready for marriage and asked for my thoughts on it?
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    is he married?

    context: met this guy that seemed like a very nice person, at first i thought nothing of it but he started flirting with me recently. we have mutual friends and i know that he got married so now im confused what is happening. i thought he might have ended his marriage and thats why he's been...
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    when will i receive call from the job?

    hey guys, im waiting for an answer from the job i applied for, i was wondering when will i hear and know if i got in or not?
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    will i hear back from this job?

    hi guys, i have applied for my dream job which i was really anxious about, its really difficult to get in so after some thinking i spoke with a family member that might be able to help, its been a couple of weeks and i still havent heard back from anyone and im starting to get even more anxious...
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    thoughts on this synastry?

    note: a romantic connection, im partner A and he is partner B.
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    should i go for it?

    could you tell from the chart how he feels about this?