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  1. emotionalaquarius

    Calling all individuals with a Moon/Venus Aspect

    Hi! Im emotional Aquarius and I have been studying astrology on my own for 5 years, and I would like for you all who have this natal aspect, even if its a minor aspect, I would love to hear your experience! Please include the house and sign placement! My son has Aquarius moon (6th conjunct DSC...
  2. emotionalaquarius

    Lilith in the 1st house. ouch.

    I have Lilith in sag on the 1st, any thoughts?
  3. emotionalaquarius

    In Need of Some Insight into my relationship.

    I'm trying to figure out if this relationship of mine is some kind of lesson, I don't want to repeat the past. I love him very much, but if he's toxic for me, then ill choose myself. I would love to hear everything you have to say about our aspects!!!!! 1st chart: me, female, Aquarius sun...
  4. emotionalaquarius

    tell me about myself

    There ya go, sorry about that
  5. emotionalaquarius

    tell me about myself

    I would love to be more selfaware
  6. emotionalaquarius

    check out my chart!!

    Let me know if you see anything interesting anything is welcome please help me figure myself out!! thank you so much
  7. emotionalaquarius

    12th house questions

    I'm sorry I'm kinda new to this so what I said was probably not what you were asking
  8. emotionalaquarius

    12th house questions

    Aries Jupiter in 4th house
  9. emotionalaquarius

    12th house questions

    natal 12th house - Scorpio on the 12th house cusp Sagittarius pluto in the 12th house sag being ruled by jupiter, so i believe also jupiter in the 12th. how do you think this would manifest? *** btw im sagittarius rising but my asc begins in my 12th house that is why my pluto is in the 12th *****
  10. emotionalaquarius

    True love or fake love?

    * Darren's Pisces union conjunct Jennie's Pisces psyche/moon/mercury/mars * Darren's Capricorn karma conjunct s Jennie's Capricorn Venus * Darren's libra psyche conjunct s Jennie's libra ceres * Darren's Gemini vertex conjunct Jennie's Gemini descendant * Darren's Leo Venus/Saturn/MC conjunct...
  11. emotionalaquarius

    insight needed.

    hi! In vedic astrology im a cap sun/aqua moon/scorpio asc. In tropical astrology im a aqua sun/pis moon/sag rising. just wondering how these both, vedic and tropical astrology play out?:smile: thank you so much, have a blessed day:love:
  12. emotionalaquarius

    Personal astro info

    Re: Cool info I wish I could have been blessed with a taurus moon. I have sag rising but Pluto in sag in the 12th house. and I have cap Venus in the 1st
  13. emotionalaquarius

    Personal astro info

    yes; I'm a Pisces moon/Mercury/mars so I'm very emotional!! But an aqua dom
  14. emotionalaquarius

    Personal astro info

    my Pisces mars makes me a push over, and when I get angry all I can do is cry
  15. emotionalaquarius

    Personal astro info

    hi there! I'm a Pisces moon/Mercury/mars in the 3rd But an Aquarius sun/Uranus/Neptune in the 2nd house dominant!!!
  16. emotionalaquarius

    confused. please help!!!

    Im a little confused.... in vedic astrology im a cap sun, aqua moon, Scorpio rising.... in tropical astrology im a aqua sun, Pisces moon, Sagittarius rising...:sideways: how would this play out?? I don't know which one is me, is one more correct than the other? im just confused about my...
  17. emotionalaquarius

    Personal astro info

    I have Pisces mars in the 3rd and it is believed that when you have mars in the 3rd, you may have had a brother who had strong Aries traits. I have 2 bothers with Aries placements. Eldest: Aries sun & moon in the 3rd Middle: Virgo sun & Aries moon (I don't know what time he was born, but he's...
  18. emotionalaquarius

    Difference between Pisces moon and moon in the 12th

    Hi, I have moon in Pisces and I was just wondering what the difference was
  19. emotionalaquarius

    Sagittarius Pluto // Sagittarius rising

    Hi :) I am a Sagittarius rising, with pluto in Sagittarius 12th house , how would this play out?
  20. emotionalaquarius

    difference between Aquarius moon & Pisces moon

    Hi there :) I have Capricorn sun, Aquarius Moon in Vedic astrology. I have Aquarius sun, Pisces moon in Natal Astrology. I'm just wondering how that would play out? Which one do you think it more correct? air and water moons are very different in the way they handle emotions.