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  1. annaalmog

    Depression-Financial Matters please suggest

    Mate, astrology is our life map, but we write our own fate. Please have full confidence in that supreme power. Whichever faith you might been raised, please pray sincerely each day and each night. Try this for a week, I am sure you will see a difference. That power is always there for you, even...
  2. annaalmog

    Many problems - No job, Divorce case, Child taken away by wife

    Please feel free to pm me in this forum. I will provide you my email. Your pm (private message) is deactivated mate, so I am unable to contact you. Regards Anna
  3. annaalmog

    Many problems - No job, Divorce case, Child taken away by wife

    My dear friend, In addition to astrology, please consult your elders and a marriage counsellor too. I am a practicing psychologist in addition to being a astrology newbie, if at any point, you need any help, lemme know. I can assure you being a forum member you will receive free assistance. :)...
  4. annaalmog

    Is she cheating me?

    Thanks Sridhar for your pm. I have replied to it now. Regards, Anna :)
  5. annaalmog

    Is she cheating me?

    It would have been better if you could have provided the date and time for your GF. Someone who has Jupiter and Rahu in same house have guru-chandal yoga. In the girl's lagna chart here, Rahu is in 7th house. 7th house presents kinda legal bindings which is your marriage as well, foreign...
  6. annaalmog

    what kind of musical instruments you like?

    Wow! :whistling: I can play piano, harmonium, veena, tanpura and drum :biggrin: However, I like to play harmonium and piano the most :) My moon sign is Taurus and sun sign is Leo :)
  7. annaalmog


    I am too a beginner in vedic astrology. I found The Essentials of Vedic Astrology by Komilla Sutton very helpful. :)
  8. annaalmog

    Hello Friends

    Thanks a zillion!!! :)
  9. annaalmog

    Conjunction of planets in 8th house

    Conjunction of planets in 8th house - Please Help! Dear Friends, as we all know that 8th house is still considered one of the most difficult houses in vedic astrology, I would sincerely request any interpretation about conjunction of planets in 8th house a welcome. I am looking forward to your...
  10. annaalmog

    Hello Friends

    Thanks a lot everybody for making me feel so welcome. :) I started studying vedic astrology under the guidance of my maternal uncle some 10 yrs ago. But then I left my motherland and lost touch. Its just for the last two months that I have started studying again. I am finding aspects of planets...
  11. annaalmog

    Hello Friends

    Dear Friends, I came to know about this forum when I was doing a google search about 4 planets in 8th house in Vedic Astrology. This was a pleasant discovery for me and I must thank google for this help. :) Thanks forum admins for accepting me as a member and thanks to all forum members viewing...