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    Please read my very "difficult" chart & tell me what I need to seek to find balance

    Wow.....your chart is indeed complex. You are triple water with with Sun, Mercury and Venus in your 12h. I would say you are very psychic, very sensitive. I wonder if you are some kind of artist? I would also avoid substances including unhealthy foods as a double Cancer could potentially cause...
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    Does Uranus in the 7th house of the solar return chart always mean a breakup? I am terrified

    I have Uranus transit my 7H rn, it just barely entered and yes I have read that relationships can end, and those single could also experience love at first sight as well. It's a bit daunting, my Moon is in my 7h but late degree Taurus. So far one relationship came to an end (a working...
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    Saturn is the Sole Domicile-ruler of Capricorn

    Well, it's Aquarius traditional ruler as well and also bear in mind that the latter planets were discovered quite late although they always existed so does that mean that just bc we couldn't see Uranus Aquarius wasn't ruled by that or that once Uranus got discovered Aquarius was then transferred...
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    Leo is the STRONGEST Zodiac sign

    I absolutely love Leo Suns, baring in mind other placements that can make them insufferable lol, but from my experience it's the Water Signs that seem to be strongest imo.
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    How does the dark side of a Leo manifest?

    I think a Leo person can have and express such a bruised ego identity that can become so out of hand they can simply crush their loved ones under the weight of that typically behind severe past abuse they suffered themselves. The other scenario is a very shy Leo who's self confidence may have...
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    Why your ascendant is probably wrong!

    So I would use 12pm time of birth instead of my actual time of birth for my location?
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    Controversial Theory: Venus exalted in Aquarius

    Lol 😂! I actually know a phenomenal astrologer that believes the earth is flat and that the Sun orbits us! Omg.....{facepalm}
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    Controversial Theory: Venus exalted in Aquarius

    The one I have more issues with is Mercury. It is domiciled in Gemini and Virgo so how can it also be exalted in Virgo? I say it is exalted in Aquarius.
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    What proof is there that pisces is co-ruled by jupiter?

    I have studied both Modern and Traditional Astrology and while I am predominantly a "Modern" astrologer I do use Traditional ruling Planets as they make sense to me. There is masculine /feminine, Yin/Yang. I am not even sure Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cast rays but I have found their significance...
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    Neptune's a b*tch

    Lol, I have Neptune conjunct my Scorpio Rising, 1st house that (of course ��) square my Aquarius stellium 3rd/4th house, oppose my Taurus Moon 7th, and Leo MC. So yeah ��
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    Donald Trump will be impeached.

    Bullsh*t. He's going down just a matter of time.
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    Anyone else feels like Scorpio's reputation for evil is overrated and unjust?

    From my perspective, all signs seem to to have both evolved and unevolved types that seem to be at polar extremes of a signs characteristics. Scorpio's tendency to being secretive is one quality that comes to mind and creates a lot of issues, being suspicious is one example; being a natural...
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    What are some of the worst aspects/planets in a natal chart?

    Geesh. His arrogant Aries is showing big time bc he is far out in left field as he couldn't be more wrong in just about everything above ^^^^^ Serafin5
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    Donald Trump will be impeached.

    If not impeached i can see him being assassinated. Check out his natal mars.
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    Jupiter in 5th hosue transit

    Lol, no!!!!! You have to look at both but the Natal chart comes first and foremost. Factor in transits, and me I use Googlesiah, my lord and savior (for interpretation that is :tongue:) and go from there! Serafin5
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    Donald Trump will be impeached.

    Right?! Like enough already, Hilary is out of the picture so why are ppl still even mentioning her? It is mind blowing to see such intelligent minds supporting this orange man-baby, this Oompa Loompa, who every time he opens his mouth or tweets makes an a$$ out of himself not to mention the...
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    Worst chart you've ever seen?

    Tbh, i have noticed that ppl with the hardest aspects are some of the most (?) (seeminly?) successful..... I do not have links to these charts, sry, but check out Demi Moore's chart, also her oldest daughter, Rumer Willis. If memory serves me they both have Grand Crosses (i am rusty guys :sad:)...
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    Donald Trump will be impeached.

    Omg Rahu.....i think you may just be right. I don't see impeachment for him either; that house of cards would be devastating, especially now. However, intuition says a possible assassination in light of how he manages to offend any and everyone! Every time he opens his mouth........shameful...
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    Random presidential thoughts

    Omg!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Love this show i just subscribed! Thank you my friend! 💜