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  1. Stonerae90

    The year ahead is confusing..

    That would be great. Could use some joy in my life 🤍
  2. Stonerae90

    The year ahead is confusing..

    Hello. To say my life has been a rollercoaster is an understatement. I just began a 9th house profection year the end of August, and things have been chaotic and busy. So many things are co occuring that I feel like I have lost sight of my life as a whole. I have a mother in ill health, three...
  3. Stonerae90

    What is the future of my marriage?

    Sorry for being vague. Yes. Wondering if marriage will get better. He wants to stay together but is stuck in ways. His mother causes issues for us, our kids can cause conflict as well sometimes. I have lost myself in this marriage and I have begun to dig myself out and rediscover who I am...
  4. Stonerae90

    What is the future of my marriage?

    Will our marriage get better? Hello Been married 3yrs, together 7. Have three children at home. Marriage has had a rough period for a while now. Wondering what is seen. Thank you!
  5. Stonerae90

    Chart questions

    Thank you! I have a genetic disorder that has given me a lot of difficulty in the areas you mentioned. I also bite my tongue all too often to keep the peace. I will be keeping your analysis in mind. Thank you again 💜
  6. Stonerae90

    Chart questions

    Hello! I had two questions concerning my chart. I hoped to have help, here. First I wanted to ask -- what professions would be suggested for someone with a chart like mine? I have a pretty complicated medical history so some jobs I cannot do. I also wondered if there were any perspectives or...
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    Troubles and a troubled man

    Mistake Attempting to delete this thread. Please ignore.
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    Moving/buying home?

    Hi! Wondered if anyone could read these charts/transits and help figure out if we have a chance of buying a home or at least moving to rent somewhere bigger soon? We are a family of five and currently stuck in a very small two bedroom home. We are open to both local and longer distance moves...
  9. Stonerae90

    i think i might be trans man but i’m not sure is there’s any clues in my chart?

    I am trans/nonbinary. I believe strongly that the combinations of all of my angles being on 0 degrees (cuspy, fluid) and my Uranus being higbly active in mg chart plays a big role in my identity. Message me anytime if you would like to talk or would like me to look some more. Much luck to you x
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    Pars Fortunae, Vertex, Career?

    I am actually a rather emotional person, just flat in my expression. My interests include psychology, botany, sociology, medical sciences (I absolutely hate needles though), writing, political activism (big one, there), video games (if that is even an interest?) mental health awareness...
  11. Stonerae90

    Pars Fortunae, Vertex, Career?

    Hello! Multi question comment here. I thank you all for your answers on prior threads. I wanted to see if anyone could give me insight to my pars fortunae and what I should know about it and vertex, it's position and how it will impact my life? I was told having PF in 8th is bad, but...
  12. Stonerae90

    Degrees in my chart...

    Hello, I am told I have many important degrees in my chart. I have been exploring the web but quite cannot wrap my head around what the degrees mean for my chart specifically. The Taurus Mars, for example... any help appreciated. I am unsure of which degrees in the chart other than my Mars...
  13. Stonerae90

    Eldest child reading pls

    I believe you misunderstand. She stayed with my mother for one year only. My daughter and I are very, very close. She only stayed with my mother for that year due to my illness. When you say dad, ill temper, etc -- is this dad as in who she sees as dad -- my husband? She is very attached to...
  14. Stonerae90

    Eldest child reading pls

    Decatur, Illinois, USA July 31st 2012 2:24 PM via c section
  15. Stonerae90

    Soul retrieval

    Hello, Has anyone ever had a soul retrieval done? I have a friend who has spoke at length about the practice and urges that I need one. She also said it is something that cannot be done for a price, it is a practice from one soul to another in efforts to selflessly help. Told me there are many...
  16. Stonerae90

    Eldest child reading pls

    Hello, Hope you all are well. Thank you for reading. I bring my eldest daughter's chart for inspection. She has a younger (half) brother and younger (half) sister that she just sees as brother and sister, no half, no technicality... My husband is who she calls dad, knows him as dad. Knows he is...
  17. Stonerae90

    marriage future, please help??

    Hello, thank you for reading! I am wondering what astrology says for my marriage. I am currently married. Experiencing issues and looking to the stars to help. My details are: August 30th 1990 8:22PM Bloomington, Illinois, USA Husband details are July 30th 1989 10:50 AM Lincoln, Illinois...
  18. Stonerae90

    Please help??

    Hello. An astrologer read my children's charts and suggested their mother (me) would die in their childhood. They were referencing the Venus in 8th and 12th in malefic placements maybe? But Venus is wonderfully aspected for the most part.. Do you see this? I am not afraid of my own mortality but...
  19. Stonerae90

    Child chart, question about parent/grandparents

    Hello all, If you are reading this, thank you for your time. I understand there are different schools of thought on if a child's chart should be read, etc. That said, I wondered if anyone could give me insight on parents and or grandparents in the chart? Relationship, any events likely to...
  20. Stonerae90

    Health help?

    Thank you for your well thought out, detailed reply. It seems I have some more research to do. :] I noticed transit asteroid Lucifer also is conjunct my Natal Sun at the moment. I live with PTSD, OCD, Ehlner Danlos Syndrome (I can never spell it right) and I also have my uterus fused to my...