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  1. Dejanira

    Am I destined for kidney failure?

    A few months ago I found out I was in stage 2 CKD. This explained the overwhelming fatigue I was dealing with but I was still peeing fine. A few days ago I had a procedure done (UV blood irradiation with ozone) as I am also dealing with Hashimoto's, Lyme and other things and UVBI is good at...
  2. Dejanira

    I got diagnosed with Hashimoto disease

    Have you had an in-depth stool test, like from Genova? A protozoa named Blastocystis hominis has been implicated as a cause of Hashis:
  3. Dejanira

    Saturn/ Chiron conjunction

    Wow, Kellfire66...I thought I wrote this. I have Saturn conjunct Chiron in the 5th in Pisces natally (born Aug of 65), and majored on the bassoon in college, then later had a 16 year career as a massage therapist! I have never wanted kids but do want love, which, having a hammer head of...