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  1. BluEyedGrl105

    Will Premature Baby Live?

    Thank you for the thorough reply, I appreciate it :-) No, I did not know the mother (we're not even in the same state), but a friend of mine used to work with her and called me on Sunday very upset. That's how I found out. Then, out of an interest in unusual birth stories, I made a birth chart...
  2. BluEyedGrl105

    Will Premature Baby Live?

    Horary question about premature baby girl, born at about 30 weeks gestation (6 months). The baby was born via emergency c-section because her mother was shot by her boyfriend. The mother died from her injuries soon after the procedure. I forgot, is the ascendant me or the baby? I guess the...
  3. BluEyedGrl105

    Amanda knox...Capable of being a killer?

    I'll keep that in mind next time I deal with anyone born around June 21 to July 22. If you have any empirical evidence to support that there are more Cancers in prison for violent crimes than any other sign I'd like to see it.
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    Amanda knox...Capable of being a killer?

    It's also standard PR procedure when you can't pay your legal bills. Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard, Laci Peterson's parents and many other people (usually women) involved in high profile cases end up writing books about it. Based on what I know of the Italian legal system (I have family there)...
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    Sebastian Stan's Rising Sign?

    Anyone want to take a guess? I just saw him in Captain America 2, and I'm a little bit in love (I know he's kind of cliche` looking but still...) I feel like Libra or Taurus Rising, and not just because he's ~pretty. It's the lips, chin, and face shape. But there's also something watery about...
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    Self-esteem in your chart

    As a Libra Sun, Venus (Chart Ruler), Mercury I can really relate to this.
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    Read my chart for musical ability

    Re: Indicators of Musical Talent in a Natal Chart This is from two years ago but why not lol. A definite yes to a singing career for you! In an artistic chart you look for connections between Venus, Neptune, Moon and/or the signs they rule (Cancer, Pisces, Libra, Taurus) with the MC (so the...
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    Lupita Nyongo's Rising Sign?

    Anyone care to guess? Here's her chart without the time'o I think Aquarius Rising. I don't know why though. I also thought she was a Sagittarius sun for some reason.
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    J.K Rowling's ascendant?

    Well, I didn't say it was a very educated two cents! :biggrin: But she jokes in interviews about not being aware of her surroundings pretty often. More importantly I like the other placements a Scorpio or Virgo Rising give.
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    You do have a strong Jupiter. Any planet conjunct an angle gets a big bump up in importance in your chart. If it's "good" or "bad" is up to you. This idea you have that luck is a real, quantifiable thing out in the world you just need to find sounds so Sag Jupiter lol :biggrin: I think it's...
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    Julianne Hough: Her Chart Confuses me!! Please help:)

    Edited: deleted because I don't think I said anything useful.
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    Jude Law's Daughter

    Deleted for personal reasons. (Also lack of interest.)
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    Jude Law's Daughter

    Jude Law's Family (edited) Deleted for personal reasons.
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    Capricorns and Addictions

    Though I agree with mdinaz's indicators for addiction in general I remember Bob Marks and a few other astrologers saying how surprised they were by the number of Capricorn Suns in rehab. For alcohol, specifically. Their explanation was earthy, driven Capricorn does not react well to certain...
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    The Next Doctor Peter Capaldi

    I can't tell you anything you may not have already surmised from clips and interviews, but I think he's going to be a bit more intense - Scorpio Rising, Aries Sun/Mercury, Mars/Pluto opposition playing out across the IC/MC (lots of action stars have Mars conjunct the MC, it's funny how cliche`...
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    The Next Doctor Peter Capaldi

    He actually has an AA rated chart on astrodatabank! I was so pleased and surprised when I found it. I hope you can see that. It's 8:30 pm in Balornock (Glasgow), Scotland.
  17. BluEyedGrl105

    J.K Rowling's ascendant?

    I agree a watery ascendant seems likely. She's said she never learned to drive because she's too much of a day dreamer. Sounds like Neptune on the Ascendant (Scorpio Rising) or in the third house (Virgo Rising, with the Moon near the ascendant.) That's my two cents.
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    Tom Felton's Asc?

    Yeah, the astrotheme chart does make a lot of sense... I can also see him as a Scorpio Rising. Thanks for your input.
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    Tom Felton's Asc?

    Tom Felton has grown into a much better actor than I expected, but I can't see this in his chart. Besides charming Venus in Libra and a (kind of wide) Sun-Neptune square I don't see acting potential. Of course, Virgo may be good with capturing details (see: the amazing Tatiana Maslany's chart.)...
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    Natal Chart Of Baby Kardashian-West

    People Magazine released a copy of the birth certificate and her TOB is 5:34 a.m. And yes, they really did name their daughter North West. Her chart is similar to both of her parents. The 12H Mars as the apex of a T-square indicates her Mom's uncomfortable pregnancy. Her Venus/Mercury...