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    Hi, I am expecting a close match between these two teams. I think a goal can be scored in the 1st half (8 minutes played as I write this).
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    Hello! I've had a look at the chart of the match between the USA and Wales. Both teams come into this match in questionable form (especially Wales). I think the first half of the game is where Wales need to score a goal because the second half of the match looks more favourable for the USA...
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    Aston Villa Vs Manchester United January 15 2022 EPL

    Hello, I have found the same list on many websites about critical degrees. From this site: For this match between Aston Villa and Man Utd, I have the ascendant to be on degrees on 8'35 Leo, so it is still considered to be a critical degree. I am not 100% sure of its influence in sports but...
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    Sports astrology from Torero

    Score after 16 overs - MLS 111-4 :)
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    Relegation from the Premier League 2014/15

    Hi ShaulaBlack, I am of course not Amit89 but I can explain to you why the Moon and Sun were used. In Horary Astrology, the Moon dictates the timing of events; it is the planet we use to see if something will happen and how long it will take to happen. When this question was asked, Leo was on...
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    Manchester City vs Lyon - 2019/2020 Champions League Quarter Finals

    Lyon are now winning 1-3. I underestimated the placement of Lyon. A goal was scored between 15 and 30 minutes. This is another upset just like yesterday.
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    Manchester City vs Lyon - 2019/2020 Champions League Quarter Finals

    Manchester City vs Lyon - Kick off 20:00 Local time (Lisbon, Portugal) ASC starts at 14'16 Aquarius, ruler of ASC Saturn sits in 12th house, whereas ruler of DSC, Sun sits in 7th at the beginning of play. First half: The transit of aspects gives the chance of a goal between the minutes of 15...
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    UEFA Nations League 2019 Prediction

    UEFA Nations League 2019 Winner Prediction - By sven555 and Torero Edit to this: Portugal defeated Switzerland, so now 3 teams remain. There are 4 teams which qualified for the semi finals of the inaugural Nations League. Here are the matchups: Semi finals: Portugal 3-1 Switzerland - 5th...
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    who won portugal or switzerland?

    Good thoughts!
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    Will Tottenham win the UCL in Madrid on 1st June 2019?

    Yes woohoo, Liverpool won 0-2!!
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    UCL 19: [Playoffs] Liverpool v Barcelona

    Liverpool done it!!!! 4-0 on the night, 4-3 on aggregate.
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    UCL 19: Arsenal v Napoli | Benfica v Frankfurt

    Not a bad night of predictions :) Arsenal 2-0 Napoli Benfica 4-2 Frankfurt Slavia Praha 0-1 Chelsea Villarreal 1-3 Valencia
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    UCL 19: Arsenal v Napoli | Benfica v Frankfurt

    Hey Jibreil, This is what i have gone for: Arsenal vs Napoli --> advantage goes to Arsenal; on their home ground and have more testimonies in their favour. Benfica vs Eintracht Frankfurt --> Good chance of a draw here, Frankfurt have been playing very well this season and Benfica have home...
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    UCL 19: Man Utd v Barca & Ajax v Juventus

    I believe these are the kits for tonight: Man Utd (red/black) vs Barcelona (yellow) / (light green)? Ajax (white/red) vs Juventus (black) It seems that Barcelona is more the ASC team than DSC. So we could say Barcelona are the ASC team/Man Utd DSC team. Ajax seems more DSC team than ASC team...
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    Who will win the title of UCL 18/19?

    Oh wow, fingers crossed Fensi ;) Let’s hope they will do it this time.
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    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    It is a secret ;P
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    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    Ireland vs Georgia - 1 Switzerland vs Denmark - X2 Romania vs Faroe Islands - 1 Norway vs Sweden - X2 Italy vs Liechtenstein - comfortable Italy win Malta vs Spain - 10-nil to spain, just kidding; spain win :P Bosnia vs Greece - 1 Taken from Love Light Astrology
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    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    Now pm'ing you gecko.
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    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    It is getting late, i'll sort it out tomorrow.
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    Euro 2020 Qualifying Thread

    Ok thanks, I got your email.