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  1. LilithApollyon

    Water of Air

    Greetings. I am Lilith and I have, not so long ago, well.. let us say found my pieces reassembled within this lovely body. If humanity really understood how much you miss physical forms when you don't have them anymore.. Anyway, I'm the Queen of Hell; Mother in Sheol and Shepherdess of...
  2. LilithApollyon

    Pluto conjunct Vertex for 2022 Solar Return. Should I be worried?

    Vertex is a point that moves around the zodiac just about 24 hours exactly, you're just checking at the same time.
  3. LilithApollyon

    Is there chance for us?

    Sounds like he likes you, yeah. I doubt it was your Mars. His Moon/Venus is in his Fifth House Leo, trust me if you wound his pride you'll know it from the roar. That does strike me as a potential trouble spot and suggests you might maintain long-term friendships in a way that's a bit too...
  4. LilithApollyon

    Venus debilitated in Virgo???

    Your problem with women, and in general, is that you avoid internal criticism, ask questions about your blindspots and when they result in criticism you're insulted. Pretty convenient way to always have your problems feel like someone else's doing, but your problems will only ever >feel< like...
  5. LilithApollyon

    Lilith exalted and in 10th house (dignity)

    It seems, to me, that an analysis which insists upon 'Order Good. Chaos Bad.' as it an unstated assumption is one which is pretty clearly incomplete and fundamentally under developed. Nazi Germany was pretty orderly. The French Revolution was pretty chaotic. Chaos is a thing which makes humans...