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  1. brownbeeca

    Hidden Talent in 12th house

    I have a pisces rising with an Aqaurius mars in 12th house. I wonder what my possible talents here? Fantasy writing? Teaching others about health related things or spiritual health related?
  2. brownbeeca

    Respiratory therapy or Health Science Bachelors Major

    I have decided to not go into the nursing program. I am considering respiratory therapy or majoring in Health science (public health concentration). Which career is most optimum for me? It seems like public health with my Pisces rising and 6th house Leo. What shows that I can do well in...
  3. brownbeeca

    Saturn Return

    I will be going through my Saturn return soon. I hear that there will be losses and challenges during this time. My moon is in my 7th house (whole signs) and my Saturn is in capricorn. My transit Saturn will return to the Capricorn house in a few months. What challenges do you see that I will be...
  4. brownbeeca

    Please read my chart

    So many people keep saying that I have a good chart and I don't have many OMGs.
  5. brownbeeca

    Please read my chart

    I have posted my chart. Moon in Virgo Rising sign in Pisces Sun in Taurus
  6. brownbeeca

    Deep Feelings for a man for over a decade

    Since I was a teenager, I had deep feelings for him and intense attraction. I believe that he feels the same but I acted like I never liked him. I have not seen him since 2006 (high school) but I still keep dreaming and thinking about him. I did not know his exact time of birth but I find that...
  7. brownbeeca

    11th House of Friends, Associations, Connections

    I seem to have issues in friendships. It seems like I am always misunderstood. I am told by readers that 2016 and 2017 are not a good time to start a new friendship or a relationship. I wonder why? Is it because of the Saturn in my 11th house mixed with Uranus?
  8. brownbeeca

    Could you help me reading my natal chart?

    I redid your chart and put it here because whole sign charts are much more accurate and easier for me to read. 1st house: So your first house will always be the rising sign so that is why I redid the chart. You have the ascendent in the Libra so you may come across to people as very strikingly...
  9. brownbeeca

    Lets talk about Hygeia Asteroid

    "Asteroid Hygeia represents our attitude and belief system concerning health and fitness awareness. Hygeia also rules sanitation and the valuable role hygiene and diet play in health maintenance. She often shows up by transit or appears on a major angle when an individual is experiencing a...
  10. brownbeeca

    Interpreting my Own Natal Chart

    First House (Pisces ASC): Pisces naturally petite/skinny. I can get very imaginative and dreamy. I am also getting into Witch magick or the occult Second House (Aries): I usually go out and make money easily but I can easily spluge too much too. I can also make $$$ starting my own business but...
  11. brownbeeca

    Occupational Therapy

    I am also attracted to occupational therapy. I am told that I am a healer. My moon in virgo gives me this attraction to occupational therapy since its more holistic than nursing. Nursing is very stressful and I can't imagine. So many people want out because of stressful and unhealthy conditions...
  12. brownbeeca

    What type of Writing I should do...

    The Venus in my 3rd house Gemini relates that I may be successful and lucrative with writing. Maybe a freelance writing? I don't know where to start.
  13. brownbeeca

    Florence Nightingale and Brownbee's Chart

    I took astrology classes and read some astrology books. I do not have a question but I am just trying to create dialogue with other people who have advanced knowledge than me about astrology and about nursing aspects in the natal chart.
  14. brownbeeca

    would i make a good nurse?....

    For nurses I see some Pisces Ascendent, Virgos, Tauruses, and Capricorns. I think being a nurse is perfect for you due to the Pisces (having empathy for patients)
  15. brownbeeca

    How do I Reach my Full Potential

    My sun is in Taurus, not scorpio
  16. brownbeeca

    Florence Nightingale and Brownbee's Chart

    Florence Nightingale is the founder of the profession, Nursing. She has her Sun and Moon in Taurus. I have my Sun in Taurus. Her MC is Gemini and her IC is Sagittarius. My MC is Sagittarius and my IC is Gemini. Nightingale AC is Virgo while mines is Pisces. My moon is in Virgo. I have a...
  17. brownbeeca

    Best Profession for me

    I thought about becoming a Clinical Medical Lab technician or technologist. Does that fit in?
  18. brownbeeca

    Best Profession for me

    Yes so many tarot readers and psychics told me I am a healer. I was going into Nursing but I rather go into pharmacy school. Pharmacy works well in my chart as well.
  19. brownbeeca

    Best Profession for me

    What about becoming a lawyer? I see mercury is important in my chart.