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  1. Anahath

    Pluto (1st in Scorpio) squaring MC (Leo)

    Does anyone have any more in depth info on this aspect? I have it myself and there isn't much info online. Does it relate to reputation or success? These things matter to me very much right now as I'm going through my 1st Saturn Return and am really pondering on where my life is headed. Is it...
  2. Anahath

    Does my chart show a potential for a career as an artist?

    It's something I can't stop thinking of. I started drawing a graphic novel. Came up with the story and have always been good at drawing. Why I'm doubting myself is because whenever I try and draw in someone else's style or with following academic rules,I fail miserably. Whenever I don't follow...
  3. Anahath

    Cheating aspects in a natal chart ?

    Venus and Mars conjunction normally shows an inability to separate love from sex.And they're in Capricorn...he wouldn't risk destroying what he built.I don't see a cheating aspect😅 Maybe if he had Mars or Venus in a Fire sign or a heavily fiery chart,then yes,there would have been a need for...
  4. Anahath

    Uranus in Taurus

    You know...I'm sort of scared.My Saturn return is going to happen soon,when Uranus is going to square my Venus,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn and later on,my Midheaven.And it will oppose my Ascendant and Pluto.I've never encountered this energy before,don't know what will happen.Right when Uranus moved...
  5. Anahath

    Any wealth in the chart of a non-ambitious person?

    And what does social work mean? And I thought I had Saturn in the 3rd and Jupiter in the 9th.
  6. Anahath

    Any wealth in the chart of a non-ambitious person?

    I mean,I'm only 24...and I guess it's not expected to have some good career or something.But I am not moving in any direction.I have had some jobs,but I was never considered the most reliable person,or the one that would one day receive a promotion. I've never found any value in...
  7. Anahath

    So,I found this... What do you think?
  8. Anahath

    New Horizons mission to Pluto

    Can't wait to see what they'll uncover next.
  9. Anahath

    The fate of Romania

    I don't think it's the country's's the people who are to blame.They make up the society.So,I guess my question should've been something like "What's going to happen with the population and society in Romania?"
  10. Anahath

    A Scorpio rising who isn't sexy

    Hmmm...I have a Scorpio rising,and for many years I've seen myself as unattractive.It turns out,that isn't true at all. But people looking at you in a certain way or reacting negatively might be because of your attitude.People with Scorpio risings are like magnets and when they are in a bad...
  11. Anahath

    The fate of Romania

    A lot of people here still believe in these things.And there are still some who do practice black magic or those who go to gypsies for help[usually marital].
  12. Anahath

    The fate of Romania

    Does anyone know how to read a country's chart?I kinda want to know what's going to happen with this country seeing how everything is falling apart.There's too much corruption,too many shady interests.Everything is so transparent,all the politicians are soo transparent and it's like they're...
  13. Anahath

    Hairy Transits - Can you share your experiences?

    Saturn is squaring my midheaven right now.I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary at first but,gradually,my workload increased.I'm exhausted.On top of that,I feel like my reputation has been tainted at work,there are tensions,arguments and everyone is eyeing me because I started pointing out...
  14. Anahath

    Your experience with transiting Saturn square natal Moon?

    I don't really hate's just that I have a problem with depression and I don't want any more of it.While in Scorpio,Saturn squared my Venus,Mars and Jupiter at the same was a sh*tty period.The conjunction to my Ascendant pulled me back to my feet and grounded me a bit.But...
  15. Anahath

    Your experience with transiting Saturn square natal Moon?

    I'm a little scared since Saturn in Sagittarius will square my Moon in Virgo and in the not so distant future.I wanted to know if some of you have been through this transit and what have you experienced. Currently,Saturn in Scorpio is squaring my Midheaven in Leo and I haven't felt any huge...
  16. Anahath

    Am I doomed to be poor?

    Prosperity is a state of mind.
  17. Anahath

    The perfect astrology natal chart

    Pluto is not for pussies.
  18. Anahath

    The perfect astrology natal chart

    Well,thank you for that! I have Pluto in the first house and it's my dominant planet. It's great to hear/read such great,reassuring things.
  19. Anahath

    Should I move to another city?

    Thanx a bunch.It's good to hear that^^
  20. Anahath

    What Rising Sign Has the Best looks

    I saw Capricorn risings who were very attractive.Also,Leo risings. But it depends on what you like.For example,I find Cancer risings to be gross...I don't know why,but all the Cancer risings that I've met had something unappealing about them...even if they had good looks,they still had some...