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  1. soul9

    Married life

    Re: Navamsa question Hi Monique, How are you doing? You have a scorpio navamsha rising when you say Aries is 6th house and Gemini is 8th house in navamsha. Mars-Venus combination in 8th house in Gemini navamsha could indicate troubles or breakups in marriage due to hidden romantic affairs. Now...
  2. soul9

    marital life

    Hi divanshi, Mars is in its own sign Scorpio. This should cancel manglik dosha.
  3. soul9

    So confused

    Hi, I am using a vedic horary chart where you are Mars and he is Venus. Venus has moved ahead of mars signifying he is probably moving on and Mars still aspects Venus, signifying that you are still trying to take control over whatever happened in your relationship to see if things can get back...
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    Hi Sunaina, you are a virgo ascendant. Naturally suited for service jobs. Saturn the main karaka of career is in 7th house in both birth and D10 chart. This denotes you need to maintain a service attitude at your workplace. Your 10th lord and ascendant lord is Mercury. Mercury primarily...
  5. soul9

    Rahu moon dasha problematic

    Hi Tweety, in your birth chart Rahu and Moon are in 6-8 combination. Even this could be a reason for your stress.
  6. soul9

    Can anyone please help predict my married life?

    Hi thanks for the feedback! Usually Saturn in 7th house will bring delay in marriage. Average because Jupiter rules your 7th house, placed in 5th house of Capricorn. Both Jupiter and Saturn lording Pisces and Capricorn respectively are not 100% favorable planets due to their natural relationship...
  7. soul9

    Can anyone please help predict my married life?

    Hi Kash97, Did you change your home recently? I see a delay in marriage. And the quality of your married life can be average.
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    And also are there fights in your friends family? Did they ever discuss or share such incidents with you about fights in their home or in their family? Please confirm.
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    Hi Sunaina, Thanks for posting your query. You are currently running Rahu-Mars period. In your chart Rahu is ruling 6th house of fights, accidents, enemies, troubles, etc. Mars is ruling 8th house and 3rd house signifying sudden events, sudden accidents, fights, injuries, surgeries...
  10. soul9

    Has my sister checked my stuff on my laptop?

    Yes, she was checking your laptop.
  11. soul9

    Marriage and spouse?

    Hi Tweety, Your spouse is emotionally reserved person. He will not speak much with his brothers and neighbors. Sometimes he can sound egoistic about his work life and education. He can fight with you over his religious ideas and beliefs. Within the relationship itself he will communicate...
  12. soul9

    Help reading chart for missing friend

    He is still alive. He is in a tourist hotel/motel or cottage kind of place. Probably rented a room there or sharing it with few others. If there are any tourist hotels/stay homes in the west direction from the place he went missing you can try checking for him there. Did he go missing due to a...
  13. soul9

    Career Change

    And few months ago did you or your wife/girlfriend undergo any surgery in lower stomach area? Please confirm this too.
  14. soul9

    Career Change

    Thanks for the info. There are chances for job change before Feb 15th 2020. Are you currently facing issues in finding a stable place to live? Do you frequently fight with your wife/girlfriend regarding money? Have you lied to your family about your job? Please confirm.
  15. soul9

    Career Change

    Hi, is it possible to share your birth details?
  16. soul9

    What does this man feel about me?

    He is dominating in bed and expects his partner to be submissive. And I see you don’t have much control over this relationship. You are feeling lost and unable to decide for yourself. What he thinks about you? He sees you as a woman who is lost in his love. Please confirm, from the day this...
  17. soul9

    Should I continue this relationship ?

    Hi Razvan, Thanks for posting your question. Okay I am doing this using vedic astrology prashna method (horary). What I see here is a commitment issue. You were in this relationship to check whether it will work for you or not. You were unsure of this relationship even from the start. Venus...
  18. soul9

    Will I ever get married? I feel so alone recently.

    Hey Dunn, Okay so you are a private person. Moon in Scorpio and ascendant lord Me in 12th. Are you working currently? Chances are you will meet your potential partner at your work place. Work place need not be your office. It can also be a work from home job. Anything similar to it.
  19. soul9

    Does south node represent karma or your past life/ past lives?

    Yes, south node represents area of life that we have already achieved in past life. When we are assigned a work where ever our south node is placed we will do it with minimum effort or supervision. But we will not enjoy doing it. Because we are born to do do what our north node represents. It...
  20. soul9

    Rahu Mahadasha?

    Hi Heyyparv, Please share a feedback when you find sometime. Thanks!