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    Why are we influenced by the planets

    I don't believe that we are influenced by the planets anymore than we reflect them. The planets also reflects us. As science dictates, everything within existence is energy. Energy simply is. Everything within existence shares an inherently bonded or "one" based on this scientific(or...
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    12th house ennui (spiritual boredom)

    Having read through all of the posts you guys made here, I would have to say that, in having the Sun and Mercury in the 12th house, I don't necessarily feel the deep longing, or boredom you guys describe here. I understand, all too well the feelings of boredom, as well as the sensation of...
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    Intelligence in my chart?

    Hello Mike. Intelligence in the astrological chart is reflected and represented by the planet Mercury. Mercury corresponds to the education, comprehension, intellectual association, neurological connections, and levels of awareness as represented by the 3rd house. Therefore Mercury represents...
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    I'm back!

    Well, I must say, welcome back! It has been a very long time since you have been here, but, some of the "oldies but, goodies" still remain! Like me :P Wilson, Dean, despitemyself, cupcake, carrotcake, and more! We had some good times here! I just hope your parents don't see your computer light...
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    let's talk about the moon...

    Hi all. Hope you don't mind me landing midway into the discussion. My understanding of the Moon and it's celestial symbolization comes from a mix of empiricism, spiritualism and universalism. The Moon beyond all myths, traditional or ancient beliefs, and mystical associations is living proof...
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    Pick the odd one out!

    When I look at these Charts my first instinct is to go to the chart with the chart that has the Cancer rising and the Moon in Sagittarius in the 6th house of daily duties such as dealings with food and what not. The Moon in the 6th house would color the manner in which the person sustains...
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    Charts of healers/physicians

    Where did you get the time for each of these charts? They look very different from the Charts of Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung that I have analyzed. I would think the houses make a huge difference or I wasn't aware of whether were supposed to only delineate from the Planetary connections alone.
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    Charts of healers/physicians

    Yay it took a while but I finally got them correct! On the last try. It still wasn't easy. I did Carl Jung's Chart a while ago and I had his chart with the MC in Sagittarius which fit his philosophic musings more properly than the Scorpio MC and the Saturn in Aquarius and an Aquarius rising...
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    Charts of healers/physicians

    With what you have stated here that makes the Uranus in leo come to be of Prime Importance in Both of those Charts and would most probably make the Uranus at the top of the Chart in leo in one of the Charts the heart surgeon opposed to the one in the 7th. That would make sense though. Uranus is...
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    Charts of healers/physicians

    I agree as well. Neptune representing the Universal Heart is prominent in most all of the charts in some way or another. Delineating a Chart and the Career is not as simple as it seems being that there are so many options to consider. One would almost have to do a chart for the entire life of...
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    Charts of healers/physicians

    The Charts all seem to be somewhat similar in that they are all Healers so I would like to start with the similarities first. Each Chart has a Moon conjunct Pluto Helping to Show that each person naturally gravitates towards somehow getting to the bottom of people's problems,transforming and...
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    Vocational Steps

    I found your writing to be very insightful and you have some very amazing qualities based on the aspects of your chart. It was very nice to be able to have some of the Astrological Positions of the planets in your Chart open to see.They are very nice as well!
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    Great quake 8.8 mag chile

    Thank you. I have evaluated Uranus first of course within the Regular Transit but, I meant that within the Chart for Chile the first place I would look was elsewhere. Uranus of course represents upheaval,change,progression,restructure,reformation,streaks,cracks,while Saturn represents...
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    Great quake 8.8 mag chile

    In analyzing the Chart for Chile as provided by someone above(thank you for giving the link),my attention is immediately turned towards the 1st house and the fact that it does represent the Actual Birth aand start of an event and what I see placed within it is Saturn. Saturn to me represents the...
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    Mc in pisces and type of job

    You're welcome Paraphanelia!
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    Mc in pisces and type of job

    Hello everyone^^:tongue:! I would imagine that the Pisces Medium Icoeli would suggest to a person that their Role within society is to be that in which they are found taking care of others no matter what the specific profession may be. Within this person's life they may find themselves doing...