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  1. Sunrise

    Will i get a job

    although a long time has passed and I with them and the others got lost due to many developments and I do not have time to enter the forum, it is very important that you come and give clarifications I was happy As soon as I saw the message of the information you gave us! Thank you and be well...
  2. Sunrise

    Is my breakup permanent?

    I will agree also. It is not. The moon here will find Mercury and then Mars. also the same as Hermes in the future. When will meet Zeus in opposition, they will first find this Mars. Both, Moon and after Mercury. Mars here on the map represents an obstacle ... He rules the 4th and the 10th...
  3. Sunrise

    will i be in a relationship within next 12 month?

    dear it is a bit difficult to read the map you uploaded but I will try. It would be good to upload maps with degrees above so that one can easily read. That's why you may not have so many answers. Some also prefer a home system. What ecosystem did you install ??? Now for your question I believe...
  4. Sunrise

    Will i make my first relationship this year?

    this is ok, everyone can express their opinion, just mention that earlly degree or late degrees in horary chart, the map is read normally. And gives an answer. Now of course everyone can choose!!! i wrote that the late degrees might show an ending and something new is coming. Something...
  5. Sunrise

    Should I make a move tomorrow

    no chart, please upload again
  6. Sunrise

    Stellium Transits - Saturn / Pluto / Jupiter

    dear, i would like to know how did :uranus: how did affect you ??? He passed the 3rd degree and made opposition to the Moon and Pluto but also Jupiter, (what did he bring ???) The areas of relations and collaborations were definitely affected. and now it catches your Sun (7th) and activates the...
  7. Sunrise

    When will i find love?

    yes you ll find, no soon (12h 4th 2th 6th) but you ll find no good in horary time
  8. Sunrise

    Im 22 years old and I’ve changed my major 3 times. I'm not really sure what I want to

    t this time you have approaches that push you ... the opposition of Mars Saturn (from the direction), shows general blockages and obstacles (Saturn) in action and in the New Beginnings (Mars). if the map is correct Aphrodite in Leo and a meeting with MC (fame, social prestige, success) tells us...
  9. Sunrise

    Mars &Mercury conjunct both squaring Chiron

    dear you can not find much information because they are still searching for Chiron. No one is sure .... Better to see other planetary combinations that exist and have at least a basis in years
  10. Sunrise

    Will i make my first relationship this year?

    dear, the chart can be read there is no reason to put another chart! The chart shows that the things will change for you and for the better for your question!
  11. Sunrise

    Saturn+Jupiter transit.

    in a certain way yes dear
  12. Sunrise

    3 Dates

    Hello, The Moon represents him (ruler of the 7th house). ;Only him. Not You in this chart. The Moon there (he) together with the Sun in Cancer tells us that he thinks only of himself. As for your question, yes you will see him again or you will communicate in some way (sex), but that is...
  13. Sunrise

    Does my chart indicate loneliness?

    put a cleaner map.
  14. Sunrise

    Saturn+Jupiter transit.

    I will tell you a little but it is only the transit, we have to see your other progressive systems .... Of course it is good for you to tell us some things too. That is, I see that you belong to the impulsive cross and there were some eclipses and you still have a way ahead of you, of course...
  15. Sunrise

    Will I get this job?

    Thank you very much my sweet Cassiopeia. Exactly, I saw something on the map that told me that in the end you will not get the job.exactly what I am writing to you in my previous post. Thank you very much for the confirmation. Thank you very, very much
  16. Sunrise

    Saturn+Jupiter transit.

    Dear, from a Jupiter Saturn pass you write to us, no one can tell you what it will bring. You should upload your map so that it can be read in its entirety and we can see what natal planets they will catch and in which houses (areas of life). You will have to upload your map if you want to have...
  17. Sunrise

    Jupiter Venus and relationships

    let me also add here that it is important to look at the other progressive systems. We can not draw conclusions only from the tranzit and the birthday. A transit may indicate the coming of a relationship but it may not. You should see this from other progressive systems as well. (solar return...
  18. Sunrise

    Will I get this job?

    hi Cassiopeia, what did happen?? the chart shows that something will change in the way. Not bad for you but something will change about this.
  19. Sunrise

    Should i Stay or Should i go from my current job

    Dear astrofriends, hello after a long time but I had serious health problems and I ran with them, so I did not have the opportunity to give a feedback because I know how important it is. So regarding the specific question for my friend who had asked about her job, the developments are as...
  20. Sunrise

    shocking and unrealistic!

    I would advise you to look at every detail. The map shows no positive things. You and your husband Moon. the house you saw Hermes and the seller or the agency Saturn. And only Hermes who goes back and wandering around in the sun advises no, don't make any purchases and deals. There are things...