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  1. Ajna

    Chart Interp Please :)

    Thank you guys! You're pretty impressive. :happy: Yeah, I was worried about Chiron in the 8th. I have worked with dying children and it has gravely affected my world view. But what's the "bad influence" is in my 9th? BTW, anyone can tell me the significance of the aspect patterns I had posted...
  2. Ajna

    Chart Interp Please :)

    That's cool Sethi, you also have background in Jyotish. :cool: Is it true that the Saturn in my 1st house will cancel the effect of manglik caused by my Mars in the 1st house? Or do I have to do the rituals? Tanne, what's my *destiny*? It's amazing you can see it just from a natal chart. :w00t...
  3. Ajna

    Chart Interp Please :)

    Thank you Tanne! :joyful: I've been reading up more on astrology, and these are the latest "developments" in my self-study: I noted my aspect patterns. :wink: I tried to "google" the specific "players" in my aspect patterns but can't find them. The closest I can find is the discovery that...
  4. Ajna

    Birth chart of Jesus?

    I enjoyed getting my regular dose of online aggression by following this thread in my email notification. :smile: Merry Christmas! :biggrin:
  5. Ajna

    Birth chart of Jesus?

    He was born in summer, so I'm guessing he's a Leo, since he's a teacher. And he was way confident of his status as messiah and all that. I also think he had Uranus in Sagittarius or in the 9th house since he was a radical in the area of spirituality. Or lots of Aquarius and Sagittarius...
  6. Ajna

    Chart Interp Please :)

    Grand Water Trine or Not? Wow, 11 days and no replies. A bit sad :sad: Anyway, since I last posted I looked at my aspects again and noticed something I missed before: My Mercury, Jupiter, and Moon form trines with one another. Mercury is in Cancer in the 10th house, Jupiter is in Scorpio in...
  7. Ajna

    please help

    Hello chennai. I'm sorry to hear about your wife and kids. The norm is when a querent needs the community's help, they post their own chart(s). There's a sticky about it. Since you didn't post your and your wife's chart, I made both of them and attached them here. :biggrin: I can't offer much...
  8. Ajna

    Scammer Astrologists

    Hello. This is not so much of a recommendation as it is a warning. It seemed like the most strategic section to post it in. I've searched the keywords of the following "astrologers" and I'm surprised they haven't been posted yet. I've seen these names much too often in Google ads in blogs and...
  9. Ajna

    Tomorrow is my Birthday..I need pep talk

    Happy birthday asmodee!!! :happy: Scorpio is about death and rebirth, and since that's your ascendant, the concept of a new birth this solar return is even more fitting for you. So rise from the ashes and celebrate! :joyful:
  10. Ajna

    about career

    Please tell us what time you were born (don't forget to specify if AM or PM) and where you were born (city and country). If you don't have an account in Astrodienst I'll make you a chart, but I need those details. :smile:
  11. Ajna

    Please read my chart and caereer prospects

    I'm posting a chart I made for you. Usually the procedure is the querent posts his or her own chart for the others to have a look. But it's OK, I prepared your chart instead. :innocent: Right click to open the attachment in a new tab (or hold down Ctrl key then left click) because the pictures...
  12. Ajna

    Natal Pride and Wish List

    I am happiest with my
  13. Ajna

    Keep The List Growing

    Yeah I was rotfl when I first read it. :w00t: My favorites are sarchasm, Dopeler effect, and negligent. I'm frequently guilty of this last one! I will add "sultry" - the act of sulking that leads to make up s** Not as good, I know. :unsure:
  14. Ajna

    Piscean Male here

    Hello javyn. I hope things are working out between you and your gf. But wow, your 7th house (partnerships/relationships) is packed with hot spots. :surprised: I've come across somewhere that the descendant gives you an idea of what you look for in a partner or who you end up with. With a Pisces...
  15. Ajna

    Hi everyone!

    Hello! I'm new too. Why "moon maid"? Plenty of moon placements? :smile:
  16. Ajna

    Keep The List Growing

    Funny email I received. The sender says the word coining event was Mensa sponsored. If it was, this is a chance to be among the intellectual elite". :biggrin: Take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter and supply a new definition: 1...
  17. Ajna

    Zodiac high school stereotypes

    Based from my high school: Aries: Varsity champ who gets called to the principal's office for physical injury against other students. Regardless of gender. Taurus: Last person to get the teacher's joke. Everyone's object of desire. Cheerleader who's always on a diet they can't keep. Gemini...
  18. Ajna

    How Many Members of Your Sign Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

    Cancers don't change lightbulbs. They cling on to the past long after it has outlived its usefulness. :tongue:
  19. Ajna

    Create a bumbersticker for your moon sign

    Aquarius Moon: You must've mistaken me for someone who cares. I love humanity. Honk if you don't qualify. NASA Delivery. Do not delay. :tongue:
  20. Ajna

    Chart Interp Please :)

    I've read somewhere that interpreting a chart need not be an interpretation of each part of the chart but as a whole. They say that experts can see general themes and patterns in a chart. Then I suppose I've been doing it wrong since for the past couple of days, I've been making tables by...