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    tell me your moral alignment

    libra sun, virgo moon and virgo rising, and i am a true neutral. what about you? (include your big three + whatever astrological placement you think contributes to your moral alignment)
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    what career is best suited to me?

    next year i am having my major exams, before i decide on a career path. however, until now i still have no idea what i should be in the future, not even what exactly i am good at. MC in gemini: i am interested in science, however i am not interested to work in a clinic/hospital as a doctor or...
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    yes, of course. :happy:
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    hello! i am a new member here, and although i am probably not going to be here very often, i thought why not post something? my name is megan. i was born on 11 october 2004. i got into astrology one or two years ago, and i created an account here during some research. tropical big 3 -...