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    Pluto-Saturn Transit Mars in 8th

    I'm looking for some insight into how this much-anticipated Pluto Saturn conjunction happening January 2020 might impact me. It will be exactly conjunct my Mars in the 8th. I will also be having my Jupiter return at the same time, which hopefully may serve as some mitigation. Thank you for...
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    Aries-Libra/11th-5th Interception

    Thank you for taking the time to respond. It is very timely, as I am having yet another hard lesson in opening up. The hardest part for me lately is that just as I'm beginning to open up and share some stuff about myself, the person seems to decide I'm too much and backs off. I am intense by...
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    Synastry - very similar/very Scorpio

    I've just begun seeing someone new and our charts have many similarities and heavy on the Scorpio. I feel like this much in common could either go very well or very badly. I'd appreciate any insights into this.
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    Sixth house synastry

    I've just begun seeing someone who has six planets falling in my sixth house: Sun, Saturn, Mercury, moon, Uranus and Jupiter. The first four in Scorpio, last two in Sag. Natally, I have five planets in my sixth, so it is my busiest house. I don't have his exact birth time, but he said "around...
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    Pluto/Saturn in 8th

    I currently have Pluto and Saturn transiting my 8th house. Pluto is on my Mars, Saturn not far behind. Early next year, both will be exactly conjunct my Mars. I'm a little bit nervous. I have a lot of Scorpio natally, so I'm fairly accustomed to this kind of energy. But this is quite a hefty...
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    Aries-Libra/11th-5th Interception

    I originally posted the following comment in the thread "What is your Mars like and how assertive are you" a few days ago (figured I'd include it just in case it has any bearing here): Scorpio sun / Aries moon, with Mars in Capricorn (exalted) exactly conjunct sun-moon midpoint, in the 8th...
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    Thread for people with stelliums in the 6th, 8th or 12th houses

    I have a sixth house stellium. Sun, Saturn, Mercury tightly conjunct south node in Scorpio, then Uranus and Venus (tightly conjunct descendant) in Sag. Slave to routine indeed, easily obsessed with the minutia, feel like my life is mostly comprised of the tasks of everyday living, pretty...
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    What is your mars like and how assertive are you?

    Thank you for this thread! It is actually exactly why I just joined this community. Scorpio sun / Aries moon, with Mars in Capricorn (exalted) exactly conjunct sun-moon midpoint, in the 8th. Sextile to Saturn in Scorpio, forming a yod with my ascendant. I know many astrologers do not consider...
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    Placements for writers

    Avid writer since a kid, though have never pursued publishing. It's just something I enjoy. Lots of journaling, poetry, short stories. Gemini rising, with Mercury in Scorpio (I love the deep dark spooky psychological stuff) in the 6th (can become obsessed with the details), tightly conjunct...