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    I thought this chart had very interesting features..

    William Lilly said of the early or late degrees of the ascending sign that it was still safe to judge if the querent's natal ascendant is of those degrees. In matters of love/relationships its the 7th house for partner. 5th house is house of fun/pleasure/sex
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    Moon v.o.c. so nothing will come of it. I can't see why he would have someone else as there is no planets conjunct Venus (him)
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    Should we get 1 or 2 cats?

    No but the 6th house is Virgo which is a duel sign. Cats like company so I'd go for two.
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    Ascendant here clarification

    There are considerations to take into account also here, just a thought William Lily Early/late deg Be not confident of the Judgment if either the 1st degrees or later of any Signe be ascending; if the later degrees arise, the matter of the Question is elapsed, and it's probable the Querent...
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    A great resource on Horary Astrology

    Thanks for the link Radu, very interesting
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    Is it better to cut this relaionship

    Saturn in 12th probably showing how you feel. He is Sun With the Moon v.o.c. until changes signs so doesn't look like the relationship will go anywhere and is probably confirming you aren't ready to commit
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    Will he try to rekindle a relationship with me?

    I think your feelings are correct. moon is v.o.c. She doesn't receive Saturn in dignities and they are already separated from a quincunx
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    Mercury/Saturn Square

    Should be interesting what with all the lockdowns and communication at the moment
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    will i buy this house

    Hi Yami I see this as a yes Venus will square Saturn They are In mutual reception But Venus will square Jupiter in 12th first which is ruler of your 2nd finances, so you need to make sure its affordable and won’t leave you struggling Moon which is the matter in question receives both Saturn...
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    where's the key to my metal work file?

    Sorry new on here, can't see any chart?