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    novels and comics

    just wondering what novels and comics interest everyone. I need some new books to read and if you have one that you want to read or have read let me know I want to hear about it! thanks so much!
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    thanks for the help prominent, I can see you're trying hard to understand me I wish you could see what I am trying to talk about. I am off right now but I am coming back to this to talk more with you!
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    what was going on with me

    sorry for another post I am having trouble with the edit and wanted to upload the picture just for anyone who cares to have the details in mind!
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    what was going on with me

    any other info you need to know just ask I would really like some help here from anyone!
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    what was going on with me

    I am very interested to see what you can tell me about that day, or anything leading up to october 4th 2012 here is my chart It has to do with family, friends, the law... and more thanks for the help!
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    no I am sounding so wrong and I only know this because I am confused now!, we are both confused haha!
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    because without words one can see a union and that is two people standing side by side, both are in there shoes, its the human foot Sir Isaac Newton once said, “In the absence of any other proof, the thumb alone would convince me of God's existence I dont want to add the wrong kinds of...
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    Starting over..

    this must be relative! I to have "been really uncertain of myself and now more than ever I feel as if I don't know what I'm doing. I feel like I know a lot and that the things I have to say are pertinent, but at the same time I don't see myself fitting in with everyone even though I would like...
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

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    Law of Attraction

    if it can happen, it will or if it happens, anything un-expected can happen I confused myself
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    look at the figure in the picture below, can anyone bend around like so? right foot out, right arm holding something behind you, and standing like so correctly, upright, natural looking still, comfortable, breathing...etc
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    apollo and his bow, his musical instruments also relate I will post soon!
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    ah yes I didnt finish my last post, I have the picture above of the three bones with the angles of the leg bone connected to your hip this is called the "saggital" this is the saggitarus place! the hips, the arrow etc
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    I have been waiting to give you this!

    there are so many quotes in the bible I can bring now dealing with the foot, the upper body which is the "wild fig tree growing" in the odyssey text I first talked about." this is everything really give me time to remember it all
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    How strong is your Jupiter?

    interesting, my jupiter is low(20), not like my sun! 9!
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    What is common sense

    I dont know if I am off here but I thougt it was more of a sarcastic remark
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    the modern human, aries related question with a idea..

    Aries rules the head, so to say...lots of us our here trying to solve our karma, imo the bible speaks lots about "work-a-holic type parents" and parents who know they can bring life to their kids life, through being a true friend, who lays down all their live for their kids...
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    I feel like I have a secret to tell

    look at this notice in the egyptian hiyeroglif, looks like we have a rising and setting sun, with a alcehmist and a cup!
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    chiron, the wound healer?

    thank you that is a really nice link!! interesting things to consider! my chiron opposite neptune is telling me we dream asleep with vivid color and emotion, which so to say...we cant control(to non-believers) and we can dream anything we want while awake, without the vivid color and emotion...