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    Mutual Receptions

    Lol! Yeah I get what you mean, pretty descriptive. Signs as far as I know are the cosmic energies that affect your life. There are twelve signs and therefore twelve major areas of life. Moon in the 9th perhaps means that you were born to a religious (not strict so yeah it can be a tree too) but...
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    Mutual Receptions

    Hi, so I guess what you are having is a reception by sign with your Jupiter and your Mercury in mutual tenancy of signs. What do you think would be the case if there was a tenancy by house for example in Allan Beau's case? I read it connects the houses but I wanna go in deeper, how is it...
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    Mutual Receptions

    So I read your scoop on mutual reception. Interestingly, you seem to mention about something called, "Mutual house reception" or planets in each others' home houses i.e. your Mercury/10th and Saturn/3rd. I have something like that with Mercury/8th and Pluto/3. So how do you think it would play...
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    Natural Ruler Mutual House Reception

    Hi. I had a question. You see, I had my Mercury in the 8th and my Pluto in the 3rd, just as it says in the book. However I was wondering what it'd be like to have this placement-I heard somewhere that it's like having the planet in its own sign but anyways, I wanted to know what a combination of...