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    Venus in the 12th

    I can give my personal experience with this placement(Venus in Pisces/12 house). I've dated people in secret, admired from afar and wanted people that were unavailable. This has been a pattern in my life. In addition to that I would take breaks from my social life and isolate myself from...
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    Was told I should ask the universe for a refund..

    Take it as an insult from a moron. That was a pretty rude thing to say. There's nothing wrong with your chart but if they had a particular problem with it they should have pointed it out rather than say something like that. Since I have Sun and Asc. in Aries, I rather like Aries moon's but...
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    Daily Apparent Travel Of Our Sun Related To Earth's Diurnal Rotation & House Cusps

    Re: Daily Apparent Travel Of Our Sun Related To Earth's Diurnal Rotation & House Cusp Great post!
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    Any other Aries rising folks?

    I have Sag. moon. I'm all fire haha!
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    Any other Aries rising folks?

    I'm an Aries Rising at 2 degrees also with an Aries sun as well!
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    how does this work?

    Hi, is it possible you have a mild case of ocd? Pure O is a form of ocd where there is a thought of some kind that constantly repeats, without the physical compulsive activity. I have experience with this.
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    To help on your path-Gayatri Mantra

    Great post Retinoid, the Gayatri is one of the most powerful mantras. My guru taught me the extended version. If anyone is interested you can read the story of Vasistha and Vishvamitra his disciple. When Vishvamitra finally attained samadhi he uttered the Gayatri mantra. The part at the top...
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    Law of Attraction

    Hi, I study tantra and I happen to use their version of the law of attraction which also takes karma into account. So I will just give you my personal experience. The law of attraction is great but people have hit or miss results with it in that particular system because they don't explain the...
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    transits for reconciliation

    Thanks, I will be sure to do that soon.
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    transits for reconciliation

    That sounds good to me, thanks for your help. :happy:
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    transits for reconciliation

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know what are some basic transits to look for, for reconciliation between friends. I had a falling out with a former friend several months ago and i want to know what are the best transits for a good time to patch things up.
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    Sagittarius Sun/Leo Moon/Leo Asc.

    Welcome. You're a triple fire sign like me, that's awesome haha.:biggrin:
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    Aspects of being a bully, or being bullied at school

    Good guess Virgo! It was very true in my case. I have an aries ascendant opp. my mars, and sun and mercury in aries opp. saturn and pluto. I'm pretty sure the saturn opposition caused most of my shyness. My neptune is trine my sun and conjunct my moon. I was shy and bullied up through part of...
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    Attracted to one element

    I'm definitely attracted to other fire types, especially moon in aries also. I have asc., sun and mercury in aries, and moon in sag. I'm pretty much a text book case of a fire sign, lol. :tongue:
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    Aries rules

    Welcome, I'm a proud Aries myself. lol :biggrin:
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    career ideas please

    Wow you guys are really spot on tonight! I almost went the traditional artist route in the past, and recently I began writing short stories with a desire to get something published. Also I have been a dreamer all my life to a ridiculous degree. lol
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    career ideas please

    This was a big help, thanks a lot. I would love to do something involving travel or religion/philosophy of some kind, or even counseling. I am definitely the motivator and advice giver among my circle. I will be traveling overseas in the near future so who knows what may come up.
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    career ideas please

    Hi, I'd like some career idea recommendations. I'm pretty burnt out on manual labor jobs as that's all I've ever done. I'd like something a little more exciting, but I dunno. Anyways, I'm open up to a variety of suggestions. My chart is at the bottom.
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    is my Ascendant accurate...

    OK, here it is, thanks for your help. :cool: I guess the Aries ascendant was accurate, just wanted to be sure.
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    is my Ascendant accurate...

    Hi, this is my first post..I have been reading up on astrology for a few months now and am thoroughly enjoying it..ok I'm a bit obsessed, lol..anyways...I just wanted to make sure that I am getting my ascendant right..I was born on april 13, 1982 at 4:32 a.m. and I believe my ascendent is...