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    Depression... artistic talent

    So the fact that Chiron in Libra opposes your Sun pretty closely [within about 2 degrees] could relate to what you're saying ... painful self-expression, particularly with art (because it falls under Libra's domain), feeling like other people don't validate or approve of your identity, etc...
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    Distant personality

    I also have Moon conjunct Chiron about as closely as yours. In combination with the Scorpio energy there -- lunar Scorps can be quite intense and a little withdrawn, even in the company of people they like -- that could be the 'wall' you're talking about when it comes to showing your true Self...
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    Hello! For those of you who are curious, I got my username from a novel I have been reading, Circe by Melissa Miller. No surprise that my Sun in Libra + Moon in Virgo loves to read [and write]. I am currently halfway through undergrad and plan to dive into grant writing and screenwriting during...