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    My method: “Ankara” Horary

    Hello Dr Farr, I have read your post and I am curious about some aspects of the Ankara method. Would you say because of missing information (Early) or no future to the question, circumstances about to change (Late) ? My approach is that the Moon rules everything and that includes the querent...
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    Should I report my ex-husband to immigration?

    Kai I think your 1st chart is radical. Not to start a controversy here but I have seen many astrologers saying that the chart is not radical... and then they read it! The radicality of a chart can be judged by the question itself. First, you question (VenusL1) the homeland status (IV) of your...
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    Did They Give Him My Adress?

    Most likely someone who saw the letter
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    Did They Give Him My Adress?

    The answer is No! Mercury L1 moving to Leo and the Moon in Pisces in 7th does not perfect the trine to Mercury (Refranation).
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    Will There Be Some Divine Intervention?

    The fact that you dream about religion does not mean it is a religious message. Religion belongs to human beings (the form), God belongs to spirituality.(the core). And I am not sure that you can interpret a dream in its literal form. Killing someone in your dream doesn't mean you are going to...
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    Will There Be Some Divine Intervention?

    Hello PiscesDream, Both your significators the Sun and the Moon are peregrine, going nowhere with this question. And the Sun is in the last degree of Pisces conjunct Fixed Star Scheat (Mars/Mercury nature). You need to move on, there is no future and development to your question. The 9th House...
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    Will my neighbours move soon?

    So glad for you First Post! And thank you for the update. Cheers! Ouranos
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    Will my neighbours move soon?

    "Good neighbors always spy on you to make sure you are doing well". Pawan Mishra "The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people". G.K. Chesterton :wink:
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    Will my neighbours move soon?

    Hello First Post, Sorry to hear that you still have problems with your neighbors. I have been away from this Forum but I intend to come back in a near future. From an earlier analysis, I looked up at March 2021 (Saturn will oppose Sun in their 4th) and said 'major renovations ahead' which could...
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    Will my neighbours move soon?

    Hello FirstPost, Glad to see the lights in the tunnel for you! In the first chart, I gave you a timeline where I pointed out March 2021 with a quote - major renovations ahead - Could this indicate their departure? As for their future in 2023, it might be their relationship coming to an end. As...
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    Will I move to another city this year?

    Hello Scahm, MarsR will square your planets in Capricorn between Sept 30th and October 19th = Delays and stumbling blocks in the realization of your goal. Goes Direct Nov 15th and squares re-activated again. January 2021 seems more auspicious for the move. Good luck, Ouranos
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    Will I move to another city this year?

    Hello Scahm, Just going over your 2nd chart, I think your move will be beneficial. Reading it from a Vedic approach and Whole Sign as Houses. 1st House: Pisces - Jupiter The 4th House is your current home - Gemini Mercury The 3rd House is your move - Taurus Venus, Moon Vedic Astrology uses the...
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    Will my business succeed?

    Hello mngrsofia, MercuryL1 dignified in 2nd House trine MC - Your E-commerce success will depend largely on yourself and your resources. - Mercury is also conjunct the Hyleg of the chart (The Giver of Life) which points to the overall vitality and strength of your company. You are at the...
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    What are the 'facets' referred to by Simmonite in " Horary Astrology: The Key to..."

    Re: What are the 'facets' referred to by Simmonite in " Horary Astrology: The Key to. Hello LushBomb, Thanks for the link to the Simmonite's book. We are talking about 19th Century Astrology in England when astrology was similar to "any other set of signs as marbles knocked against a wall, or...
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    Martin Gansten 'The Jewel of Annual Astrology' available

    Martin Gansten has made available his latest book 'The Jewel of Annual Astrology' a translation of Balabhadra’s 'Hāyanaratna' on Indian astrology, Perso-Arabic astrology, the global transmission of astrology in the pre- and early modern period, and/or techniques of annual prediction. Open-access...
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    Will i make my first relationship this year?

    There is hope! My paternal grand-mother re-married at 92 years old! :cool::love:
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    Does this relationship have a future?

    Sorry, the site lists the fixed stars in sidereal zodiac but the meaning is still there in you convert to Scorpio in tropical. - You get a general sense of the Moon Mansion, not good for marriage. Real life examples: Harvey Weinstein, Katy Perry, Bill Cosby conjunct ASC. But the Mansion has...
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    Does this relationship have a future?

    The reference is inspired from the The 15th Mansion where it says it is 'bad for marriage'. Right, Acrux has a Jupiter nature but applied to the planet conjunct here Moon in Fall in Via Combusta (co-significator and ruling the 9th of...
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    Should I move to Jersey?

    Hello Lilly1983, UK seems the best choice. Saturn R (own sign). You go back home as you mentioned 'Go home to UK'. But there will be delays. Saturn turns Direct Sept 30th but you will have to face the square from Mars again. I would say Mid-January, things will settle down. Plus Fortuna...
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    What do you think is going on in this person's life based on the transits?

    You hit the thank button and it didn't work? Even the system is not accepting your excuses! Time to pack your stuff and wash your mouth!